Wildly Ingenious New Home Remodeling Ideas

Are you ready for some remodeling? Looking for some clever ideas for a new home you just moved into? Or perhaps you are even getting one of the new custom Built-to-Order KB homes? Either way, here are 25 ingenious ideas you may want to consider in your new home remodel. Just try getting through this article without wanting to call your home builder right away!

1. Premier Pet Haven

KB homes

Source: jacobsendesign.com

Your pet is part of your family too! Why not create a room just for them? Under the stairs again, it a great place to utilize for just such a den.


2. Add a Platform Floor For Hide-a-way Storage

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Source: diycozyhome.com

KB homes

Source: mrfconstruction.com

Not only does a platform floor look attractive and tidy, the extra space for storage can be invaluable.


3. Transform Your Attic Into a Pillow Nook

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Source: sarahhobbs.net

You may just want to climb up there more often!


4. Under-the-Stairs Book Collection

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Source: simpleho.me

Build in shelving under your stairs to display all your books. Easy access and quite attractive as well.


5. Mural on your Shower Floor

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Source: cqnorman.com

Create a fun and unique mural that your family can enjoy every time you step in to the shower.


6. Cute Book Nook

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Source: buzzfeed.com

What a cozy place to put in a little book nook, right under those stairs.


7. Tack on a Tree House!

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Source: theletteredcottage.net

If your remodel is already a big one, ask your builder about adding a guest house or tree house. Great for guests, sleep-overs, family parties and good old fashion playful fun.


8. Put a Pest Control System In Your Walls

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Source: onduty.com

Installing a pest tube system before your walls are finished would make it so your exterminator only has to inject at a single point to keep bugs, rodents and pests away.


9. Install Baseboard Drawers

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Source: familyhandyman.com

Why waste the space under your kitchen and bathroom cupboards when you can have baseboard drawers installed for extra “hidden” storage.


10. Under-the-Stairs Ultimate Storage

KB homes

Source: stairstorageco.net

Maximize that space under your stairs with pull out drawers and shelving for superb storage.


11. Sunken Living Room

KB homes

Source: gaweomah.blogspot.com

Create a large comfy conversation pit by building your living room a step or two lower than the floor.


12. Add a Hidden Room!

KB homes

Source: viralnova.com

Whether for fun or for security, consider putting in access to a secret room in your home. You never know when this may prove to be invaluable.


13. Install a Unique Seat in Your Shower

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Source: continentalsa.co

This “S” shape set makes your shower or sauna a place where you cannot just sit but lie down as well.


14. A Hammock For Your Vaulted Ceiling

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Source: luxurystuff.biz

If you have a very tall ceiling in your new home, try stretching a hammock across it for a fun place to lounge, read or hang out.


15. Walk In Shower

KB homes

Source: artdesignbuild.com

Save yourself from cleaning shower doors and glass by putting in a walk in shower.


16. Built-In Table for Small Kitchen

KB homes

Source: pimoov.com

For an extra eating space, consider putting in a simple table with bench seating attached to your kitchen island.


17. Put In Kitchen Chutes For Garbage and Recyclables

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Source: hgtvpro.com

Once you have this, you’ll never know what you did without it. A chute for your recycling and trash is so practical and efficient. Channel them right into your garage.


18. Make Play Nook Above Your Staircase


KB homes

Source: apartmenttherapy.com


KB homes

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

If you have a vaulted ceiling above your stairs, putting in a floor for a play room or small den is a great idea.


19. Install a Pull-Out Cabinet in Your Kitchen

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Source: onekindesign.com

Increase your counter space by having a cabinet that can pull out.


20. Add a Jetted Sink in Laundry Room

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Source: relaxdeco.com

Not only is this for quick clean ups, but it makes it super convenient to wash your delicates.


21. Put In a Vacuum Baseboard

KB homes

Source: aerusvacuums.com

Yes, this really does exist. Truly brilliant!


22. Built-in Bunkroom

KB homes

Source: houzz.com

This is great for the kids. When you have guests or sleep-overs, everyone will want to stay in this room.


23. Put in a Balcony Off Your Master Bedroom

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Source: roeosbomphoto.com

Creating a space where you can step out and see the view is alluring and relaxing. Increase your home’s value and your own enjoyment by adding on a balcony off your master bedroom.


24. Install a Big Sunroof For Star Gazing

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Source: mydreamabode.wordpress.com

Why have a boring ceiling in your master bedroom? Try putting in a large sunroof to make nighttime even more fun.


25. Put In a 2-Sided Fireplace

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Source: eldoradostone.com

Enjoy your fireplace from your bathroom or your living room by installing a two-sided fireplace. Imagine soaking in the tub next to a crackling fire on a wintery night.

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