Why hiking in Denver Colorado is so spectacular

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Hiking in Denver

If you currently reside in Denver, Colorado, or you are considering a move to Denver, there are plenty of beautiful new homes to choose from, but don’t underestimate all that Denver truly has to offer. The Mile High City is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, and hiking is a particularly ideal way to explore the splendid mountains, or invigorating wide open meadows. Whether you are an experienced hiker looking for a challenge, a family looking for a short outing for little legs, or someone in between, the nearby trails and parks are certain to offer something to fit your needs.

While most think of Colorado as a state where the Rocky Mountains reign, the aerobically-challenged shouldn’t be daunted. There are also beautiful open spaces, wooded areas, and cool lakes and rivers to meander along that won’t leave you breathless for the wrong reason.

For example, at Meyer Ranch Open Space you will find:

– hikes ranging from 2.4 to 4.8 miles
– fields of sunny wildflowers
– wandering deer, elk, and other wildlife
– picnic areas

The trails range from easy to moderate, and most are loops, so you won’t have to trudge around to find your car. Once you conquer the easier trails, reward yourself with a gorgeous hike at Maxwell Falls. These trails are a bit more difficult, but still achievable for a family due to the variation in length.

Maxwell Falls boasts:

– hikes ranging from .8 to 4 miles
– stunning overlooks
– soothing creeks
– cascading falls
– delightful picnic areas
On the other hand, if seeing the word “steep” two-hundred times in a brochure about your chosen destination gets your heart pumping (the brochure is nothing compared to the actual hike), give Chimney Gulch Trail a try.

Experience Chimney Gulch Trail:

– a difficult 5 mile trail
– benches for admiring incomparable views
– elevation climb of more than 1,000 feet
– quaint bridges
– an abundance of wildflowers
These are just a few of the nearby, sensational hiking trails that await you just outside of the new homes Denver (see:http://www.kbhome.com/new-homes-denver). It’s time to pick up the phone; the great outdoors is calling.

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