Updated Garage Flooring Options

In your KB Tampa construction home there are some really great DIY garage flooring options available. Of course, if you are not a do-it-yourselfer then you can always hire it out. Garage flooring gets pretty gross over the years. If you vehicle has an oil leak then your floor may look worse for the wear than you desire. In our 21st century living garages are not just places to store junk and park your car anymore. Your garage can be just as comfortable as the rest of your home.

Types of floor options:

  1. Epoxy coating
  2. Floor paint
  3. Tiling
  4. Swisstrax
  5. Foam mats/outdoor garden mats
  6. Stain
  7. Outdoor carpet

The decision is up to you. Are you looking for durability, look or style …maybe even all of the above!

1. Epoxy Coating

Garage Floor Paint Epoxy Granite In Garage Room

Garage Floor Paint Epoxy Granite In Garage Room

This option is somewhat durable and can be chosen in many different colors. There is a with or without paint flecks option available. Epoxy has a 3-5 year warranty usually and will last for quite a while but eventually you might see walking wear patterns in the sheen of the epoxy. This is a very doable DIY option if you watch a few YouTube videos and read the directions carefully, following them perfectly, then you will have a great outcome.

2. Floor Paint

Painting the garage floor

Painting the garage floor

You can just go down to your local improvement center and grab any floor paint you desire and have it tinted to the color you want. This also requires a top coat. This becomes more expensive than the original epoxy option. Floor pain can chip off as time wears on. Prepping your floor to paint also requires muriatic acid which you need to be careful working with. There are more color options with floor paint and you can create your own design. You can make a faux look even with just floor paint. The design options are wide with this choice.

3. Tiling


Garage floor tiles, coin top

Installing tile to your garage floor is a great option as tile can be purchased on sale at many improvement centers. Tile can settle and crack so buy extra if you choose this surface. You will need extra tools and supplies and some patience when grouting. The tile will add thickness to your garage floor so account for this when planning your flooring.

4. Swisstrax


Installing SwissTrax

This option is super easy to install and can be lifted back up and taken with you to a new home, if you need that option. It will cover any stains and is extremely durable. This product has a 15 year warranty and does what it is meant to do. There are grooves in the surface of the product to catch the oil and dirt but this may make it more challenging to clean. A pressure washer works well with this choice. The downfall is that it is very expensive so if budget is a concern then research this product well.

5. Foam Mats or Outdoor Garden Tiles


Interlocking foam mats

You can purchase these at Costco or Amazon and pretty well any home improvement center. The mats are fairly inexpensive and will hold up to light to moderate traffic. These are removable as well as the Swisstrax however, they are not quite as durable. If you are driving in and out of your garage these might not be as great of an option.

6. Staining


Acid staining garage floors is a popular project for homeowners

You can etch your garage floor and then stain the concrete. This is a great option if you want a more rustic look. The stain needs to be sealed like paint does. This will create a homier feel but will wear traffic patterns, as well. You do get a few more color options and it is a pretty easy process for a do-it-yourselfer.

7. Outdoor Carpet


This is a decent option in hot places where you don’t see a lot of precipitation. Carpet needs to be dry or it will begin to smell bad. For a retired couple that lives in Florida and does not drive a whole lot using outdoor carpet to warm up the garage and create a nonslip surface is a great option. People who work on their own vehicles like this flooring option because it is warmer in the cooler months but doesn’t feel too hot during summer either. With the multitude of outdoor carpet options out there you can make your garage into almost a great living area when you need too. This is a fantastic option if you are having a party or have guests and need the extra space now and then.

With a multitude of choice out there you just need to balance time, cost, look or style, overall installation ease and durability. Garage flooring will add to the function and use of your home for years to come.

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