Trending Colors For 2015 Home Design

You don’t have to be a top home designer to get glimpse at the new color trends for 2015. If you are looking to give your home a facelift or perhaps designing your own new KB home, here 11 examples of the up and coming styles and trends in colors for 2015.

Greek Blue

kb home

Courtesy: – Jonny Valiant

It’s a rich and amazing and so lovely when paired with pink or grey. It’s like a mesmerizing blue you would find in the sea.

Shades of the 60’s

kb home

Courtesy: – Thomas Loof

Colors from the 1960’s such as orange and olive are having a new life for upcoming home designs. It’s like a palette of exciting shades.

Blue Accents with Sour Green

kb home

Courtesy: – Duralee

Sour green mixed with anything is fabulous and with a classic blue gives a bold fresh look.

Palettes of Pastel

Courtesy of paperblog

Just like the pastel palette from LA in the 1980’s, the optimistic color mixtures of green wall art, burnt orange seat, aqua pools, colored jars, and polka dots capture the eye. Likes a subdued scene with jolts of neon. Molly Ringwald meets Monet.

Impartial Gray

Courtesy of hgtv

Courtesy of hgtv

It’s the ideal backdrop. Grays can be blended with darks and lights, like a gentle gray wall with a pale ceiling and dark charcoal door. It is surely the hottest neutral color right now.

Inspired by Renaissance

Courtesy of kunstkopie

Mixing of texture and patterns like we see in many paintings from the Renaissance period are growing in popularity. The mixture of plums, greens, beiges, cerulean blue and whites is a growing favorite. As shown here in The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck.

Olive Green

Courtesy of decoist

Sure to be popular in 2015 are olive greens, like this wonderful kitchen with olive green cabinets. It shows a warm and neutral color for any other shade you want to blend it with, plus it brings a very organic feel.

Mixing Bold Colors

kb home

Courtesy: – Grant K. Gibson

Mixing colors is a hot trend. Shades like purples, vivid greens, pinks, turquoise and aqua. Bold colors catch the eyes for accents like throw pillows and bedrooms like bedding.

Warming Tones

kb home

Courtesy: – Jonny Valiant

Muddy warm colors are finding their way back into vogue. We can’t get enough of olive, aubergine, dusty mint and rust. You can still add a splash of bright color right on top just to keep things alive.

Pairing the Dynamics

kb home

Courtesy: – Jeremy Samuelson

Putting the classics with unexpected accents can make your arrangement vibrant and dynamic. Try black, white and grey with bursts of red and blue. Try green with citrus orange tones. Brilliant.

The Gloss of Blue

kb home

Courtesy: – Robert Trachtenberg

Rich deep blue’s with a gloss finish is popping up for as a building trend. This looks amazing paired with white making it a startling modern twist from this classic look.

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