Top Secret Storage Solutions

Are you getting ready to roll up your sleeves and do some serious Fall cleaning? Are you searching for ways to make your daily life less cluttered while finding storage for all of the extra blankets, toys, and clothes you don’t have room for but don’t want to get rid of? Everyone wants to organize and declutter their space, but sometimes, in spite of our best efforts and the small fortune we spend on closet organizers and containers, there’s still those items that we want to keep, but don’t have a place for. Here are some top secret storage ideas that do double duty in the home: act as furniture and hide your clutter.


1) Under Foot

This storage solution is almost mind-blowing in its simplicity but effectiveness. The storage is right in the floor! The floor is raised just a few inches and access is available through removable wood panels. How easy would clean-up be with this system? Just sweep the toys into their spot!



2) Shove it All Under the Bed

Our mom’s all told us not to shove our stuff under our bed to clean our rooms, but maybe it’s time to rethink that idea. Here’s a genius method for keeping clothes, books, and other personal items tucked away but still easily accessible. With a raised platform bed and a hinged bed frame, you could have a tidy room without sacrificing open space.



3) Let it All Hang Out

This clever storage solution hides your stuff in plain sight. Rather than making your rarely needed items into something that takes up floor space, just hang them from the wall on shelves designed to be part of the decor. These shelves can be repositioned on the wall based on the weight of each shelf, so your storage/decor will never get boring.



4) Suitcase Storage

Here’s a beautiful way to use a retro suitcase to add character and storage to a room. With the addition of an upholstered seat and four long legs, this old baggage goes from being an item you need to store to a conversation-starting storage item. This could be your next DIY project.



5) Just Sit On It Awhile

I think this might be my favorite storage idea of all. I can picture this classic, yet totally unique chair with plush quilts, favorite pillows, and warm shawls taking up space in the area beneath the seat. This is a great way to show off those beautiful crocheted afghans your grandmother gave you 3 decades ago, but don’t match your other decor.



Have you found a creative way to hide all of your special treasures? Let us know how you hide all the stuff you want to keep.

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