Top 5 New Year Resolutions

Every year we strain to think about what we are going to change each year. We make and break resolutions but sometimes we actually keep them. Making realistic resolutions makes it easier to keep them, just ask your KB Home Builders in Tampa. Whenever you establish a good goal and accomplish it the feeling is tremendous.

Resolutions You Can Keep:

1. Spend more time with family

Spending more time with your family can be as easy as deciding that you will eat family meals together. Make it a goal to eat dinner at the table together at least every other day. Children are less likely to engage in crime or drugs when they eat dinner together as a family.

2. Exercise regularly

This resolution does not have to be painful. Walking for 40 minutes every day will lengthen your life and make you feel better. Walking reduces stress and is something you can do anywhere.

3. Eat healthier

Who doesn’t want to be healthier? Take one item you know you eat too much of and resolve to only eat that once a week. Call this day your free day! Eating healthier can be a challenge in this busy life but making healthier choices really is not rocket science. Things to avoid are: unhealthy fats, processed sugar, white carbohydrates (i.e.: flour, rice, potatoes…starch), margarine, nitrates and sulfates (i.e.: processed meats), cheese and too much salt.

4. Quit smoking/drinking

This might be a resolution you will need help with. Quitting these habits is only going to increase the quality of your life so make the decision and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

5. Get out of debt

Maybe this one seems impossible but you can do it! Work hard to be a little more frugal, pay your bills on time and spend less/save more. A great way to start is to make a simple budget. Write out what you make and what you spend in 2 different columns. Add both up and see if you really can live within your means (most people can …hint hint). Now, tighten up your belt a little and move forward. Shave off your spending habits that are not necessary to live (ie: coffee, soda, treats, entertainment). Pick a small amount of money you can put into your savings account every month and resolve to do it. Getting out of debt will make you feel free and the possibilities of life will open up to you!

Resolutions are not just nice little unrealistic goals we make every January only to fail by February. Pick one goal you have been dying to accomplish and set yourself on a course for success. You can do this! Have a happy and successful New Year.

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