Tampa Bay Nature Walks

Imagine a place where you can go out for a nice long walk any day of the year. A place where the weather is pleasant, the winters are warm, and the landscape is lush and beautiful. Sounds like a fantasy world, right? Well, it’s a real place and it’s called Tampa Bay in Florida. Take a trip this winter, soak in the sunshine, walk down green trails, tour one of the new homes for sale in Tampa Florida, and you just might decide to stay forever. Here are a few of the best nature walks in the Tampa area.


#1 Myakka River State Park

The Myakka River State Park is the perfect place to get back to nature and take in the view of what Florida was like before it became a favorite winter destination. With 38 miles of trail and walkways, the Myakka River hiking trails will take you along rivers, up above trees, and through ecosystems teeming with flora and fauna.



#2 Tampa Riverwalk

Begun in 1975 as an effort to connect the waterfront area to the Tampa Arts District with a pedestrian and open space area. This ongoing Riverwalk project currently has just under 2 miles of walking paths completed, playgrounds, and grassy areas.



#3 John Chesnut Sr. Park

With 3 hiking trails, each over 3,000 feet in length, the walking at John Chesnut Sr. Park will take you above the swamp on old-fashioned boardwalks. With the dense foliage and active wildlife, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a scene from a Jurassic Park movie.



#4 Upper Tampa Bay Trail

As part of the Rail-to-Trail conservancy program, the Upper Tampa Bay Trail runs through residential Tampa on an unused piece of old railway land. This trail runs 12.1 miles and is a great place to take in a nature walk even in an urban setting. Better still, your dog is welcome too.



#5 Lettuce Lake Park

This 240 acre park, right inside the Tampa city limits, is a fabulous way to take in fantastic views, a peaceful atmosphere, and keep your fitness goals all at once. On Saturdays and Sundays you can also enjoy a guided tour at Lettuce Lake Park with a park ranger and get to know the plants and animals that live along the Hillsborough River.


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