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What is the Right Pillow for You?


There are a plethora of Sleepy’s pillows to choose from ranging from your basic stuffed pillow to a cool gel pillow, but which one is right for you?

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Ten Things to Count Instead of Sheep


Ever find yourself laying in bed…wide awake…staring at the ceiling…perfectly comfortable on your wonderful, new Sleepy’s mattress…and yet STILL not able to fall asleep? We’ve all counted sheep until our head is as full of sheep as the Australian outback, but to no avail.

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Lavender May Be a Key to Sweet Dreams


We all like our homes to smell meadow fresh, but what if it turns out that the smell of lavender can lead not only to a fresh smelling room but to better sleep? According to a Wesleyan University sleep study, the fragrance of Lavender incorporated into a bedtime routine can improve sleep quality by up to 20%. Of course other factors play a huge role in quality sleep patterns; a comfy mattress from Sleepy’s store, a bedtime routine that allows your mind to relax, white noise and other comfort sounds, but scent shouldn’t be overlooked.

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How Did You Sleep? Take This Quiz


It’s more telling than you might think.

Research indicates that the position you sleep in may actually say something about your personality.

Want to take the quiz?

We’re going to shake it up this time, though. Rather than putting sleep positions followed by personality traits, we’ll list the personality traits by number. When you pick the traits you think best describe you, look below for the same number to see if the corresponding sleep position sounds familiar.

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12 Bedrooms That Inspire


If you are like me, you are always looking for inspiration. The bedroom is a place that can be the most inspirational as it is our sanctuary. How we decorate it can add to that. Start with a comfy bed ( I prefer the gel foam mattresses found on 1800mattress.com), and begin adding your personal touches from there. Paintings, plant, patterns – what reflects your style. Here are 12 examples of bedrooms that promote inspiration.

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Tips For Getting Kids To Sleep While Traveling


Vacations are supposed to be fun and a getaway. Sometimes it can get frustrating when your plans fall through or turn miserable because of ornery children, due to lack of sleep. Davis Ehrler, creator of 3-Day Sleep Solution workbook, provided some insight for some solutions. Here are some tips to make sure your kids get a good sleep so your vacation can be a little happier.

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How and When To Purchase A New Mattress

How and When To Purchase A New Mattress

It’s the end of the year which is a perfect time to analyze your life and areas in your home that need improving. There isn’t anything more important than getting a healthy sleep and your mattress directly affects your level of rest which is tied directly to your quality of life and wellness.

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6 Tips For Creating An “Us” Bedroom

simmons beautyrest recharge

How do you go about making the perfect bedroom that both of you will absolutely love? By using these top secret tips, you can rest assured that you will BOTH get what you are looking for, and love the new space. After all, you are sharing this room together.

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What You Can Do With Old Mattresses

cheap mattresses

Nothing in the world beats a great night’s rest on one of the super comfortable cheap mattresses you can find online. However, eventually that deal of a bed will wear out and you will need to replace it. So what do you do with your old bed?

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How to SIMPLIFY This Christmas – Even With Your Children

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Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, your children were not sleeping, or dreaming of sugar plum land. They were shouting and screaming Santa Clause’s name. Running around till you finally caved. Scrounging all over to try and get things done, but only dealing with chaos to utter the words, “This is NO fun!”

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