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Security Blankets, Snuggling and Sleep

Most people are familiar with Linus, Lucy’s younger, wiser brother, from the Peanuts comic strip. He’s a good-hearted child with a great love for his security blanket. He never goes anywhere without it and uses it almost like another limb. His older sister is in a constant battle to relieve him of the blanket and get him to grow up, but he clings to it tenaciously. Such reliance upon an item, that therapists call a “transitional item”, is very common in infants and toddlers and is, more surprisingly, an expert recommended way to provide self-solace during times of distress and pain. Getting a new comforter through Sleepy’s home delivery service could be more than just a stylish move, it could also be a therapeutic one.

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How To Keep Your Mattress Fresh and Clean

When you get that bed from Sleepys Delivery (See Sleepys.com), it’s all new, fresh and lovely. Yet over time, your mattress can get dingy and full of dust mites. Did you know that you can keep your bed as fresh as when you first got it? It’s true. All you need is a couple simple every-day ingredients.

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15 Alarming Facts About Sleep Deprivation from Natl. Geo. Documentary

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Whether you think you are getting enough sleep on your mattress that the Sleepys delivery provided you or not, you may be shocked or even scared by some of the facts revealed in National Geographic’s new documentary “Sleepless in America” on their channel.

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Sleep Inertia: How Does it Affect the Way You Feel in the Morning?

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Do I Have Inertia and How Does it Affect the Way I Feel?

If you wake up in the morning feeling creaky of limb, foggy of mind and generally like you have hardly slept at all, you might have abnormal sleep inertia.

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