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Sleeping Better: Warm Milk, Teddy Bears, and Blankies?


We’ve all heard the old remedy that drinking a glass of warm milk before bed will help induce restful sleep. Some of us may have even tried it. But if you’ve ever really struggled with insomnia, tossing and turning on your comfy Sleepy’s bed but still not falling asleep; you know that it isn’t really the miracle cure it’s cracked up to be.

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Sleeping Better This Winter


Around one-fifth of American state they get less than six hours on average of sleep. The cold winter months can make falling asleep particularly challenging. A new mattress using a Sleepy’s credit card is one way to improve your sleep. Experts in the area of sleep health recommend the following solutions to the troubles of Winter sleeping:

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How To Reclaim Your Rest When Anxiety Strikes At Night


Having a panic attack in the middle of the night is not a very fun experience to have. Waking up in a cold hard sweat or not being able to sleep at all can really ruin that restful night’s sleep you can only dream about literally. How can you change your anxiety at night so that you can get back to sleeping and not trying to make time go faster by counting sheep?

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These Foods Can Help You Sleep Better

Besides having a new top-rated Sleepy’s mattress, what you eat during the day and especially before bed can help you get a better night’s sleep.  Take a look at these ten foods that can assist you in getting more Zzzz’s.

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