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Sleeping and TMJ


Do you suffer from TMJ (Temporalmandibular Joint Disorder)? The way you are sleeping may affect your pain. Here are a few tips to help you when you are sleeping on your Sleepys bed:

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10 Steps to Creating an Inviting Guest Room


Who doesn’t love staying in luxury hotel rooms or fancy cottages by the sea? With the special amenities and beautiful bedding, soft towels and gorgeous furniture, we all love to feel pampered now and then. You can share that comfort when guests come to call at your home, and what better way to welcome them than with an inviting guest space prepared just for them.

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Simple Family Reunion Planning Guide


As summer is fast approaching and family reunions are in the making, it can seem almost hopelessly with the hours of planning and getting everyone to come not to mention making sure everyone has a good time and to gets along with Aunt Mildred. Don’t go cry in the bedroom with the task at hand. Instead: dry off your tear stained face, get off your super comfy mattress and use these helpful hints to pull off any reunion and even enjoy your family at the same time.

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Better Bedtime Begins with Apps?

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In our digital age it seems that the phrase “there’s an app for that!” can be applied to just about anything. If you are fighting a losing battle of getting your child to not only go to sleep, but stay in dreamland a while, there are resources available you may not have considered. No matter the size of the child’s will, or the size of their mattress, when it comes to a better bedtime, there’s an app for that!

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How to Care for Your Child’s Mattress


Keeping mattresses clean and fresh so that they last you a long time is fairly simple. You just need to vacuum it, flip it and air it out every now and again and deep clean it once in a while. However, having kids around can sometimes complicate things. When you are raising children you are teaching them how to control their bodily functions and take care of themselves. As a result of their naivety sometimes their beds and even your Sleepys warranty mattress (see sleepys.com) falls victim to certain “accidents.” You know what we mean, bed-wetting, vomiting, all sorts of messiness can happen on a daily basis when you are raising children. Thankfully we discovered some helpful tricks to make mattress cleaning simple and quick. Check them out.

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12 Bedrooms That Inspire


If you are like me, you are always looking for inspiration. The bedroom is a place that can be the most inspirational as it is our sanctuary. How we decorate it can add to that. Start with a comfy bed ( I prefer the gel foam mattresses found on 1800mattress.com), and begin adding your personal touches from there. Paintings, plant, patterns – what reflects your style. Here are 12 examples of bedrooms that promote inspiration.

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Guest Bedroom Transformation: From Bore to Soar


Though you may not be very well pleased with your guest room at the present moment, you’d be surprised by what a little time and creativity can do to change your view. The fun part about re-staging your guest room is that you can choose any theme you’d like without having to match it with the rest of your home. This bedroom for example has a heavenly antique look attained by using simple dark and light colors along with smooth and rustic textures . Here are four simple steps to help you achieve a similar look in your own guest bedroom.

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How To Keep Your Mattress Fresh and Clean


When you get that bed from Sleepys Delivery (See Sleepys.com), it’s all new, fresh and lovely. Yet over time, your mattress can get dingy and full of dust mites. Did you know that you can keep your bed as fresh as when you first got it? It’s true. All you need is a couple simple every-day ingredients.

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How and When To Purchase A New Mattress

How and When To Purchase A New Mattress

It’s the end of the year which is a perfect time to analyze your life and areas in your home that need improving. There isn’t anything more important than getting a healthy sleep and your mattress directly affects your level of rest which is tied directly to your quality of life and wellness.

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A Mattress That Became an Important Symbol

mattress discounters

You can use a mattress for just about anything like a trampoline, cushion when moving, couch, or stand up wall divider. Although most of us enjoy getting our beds from mattress discounters and then using it for a good night’s sleep, one college student is using her mattress for an entirely different purpose.

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