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Tax Deductions For Tampa Homeowners

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Five Tax Deductions for Tampa Homeowners

You might have heard about the hidden costs of owning a home, but did you know that there are also many ways that homeowners can save money? These five tax deductions will allow you to keep more money in your pocket when tax time comes around.

1. Casualty Loss Deduction

An insurance policy that covers natural disasters is crucial for anyone buying a home in Florida. You don’t want to be left hanging when the next hurricane sweeps through the state. However, the IRS may also have you covered. In the event of a natural disaster, you might be able to deduct a portion of the loss resulting from damage to your home. This is excluding any amount that your insurance company has already reimbursed to you.

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5 Hints On Choosing Your Home Decor

The Best Helpful Hints When Choosing Your Home Decor

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Few feelings are better than walking into a brand new house or apartment and imaging how you’re going to decorate it. It doesn’t matter if the building is one of the brand new KB homes and you’re the very first occupant or if it’s a Dutch colonial built before the Revolution. Right then, the sky’s the limit until you look at your budget. But even working within a budget can provide unique pleasures as well as challenges when it comes to decorating. Here are five hints on choosing your home decor:

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Treasuring the four seasons in Washington DC

New Homes Washington DC

The Glorious Seasons that Make Washington D.C. Grand

Washington, D.C. is a mecca for urbanites with its shopping, fine dining and great public transportation. It’s also surrounded by an area rich in history. There are rural fields, small towns, thriving farms, and historical sites all within a short drive of this city. Something else Washington, D.C. has going for it is that it enjoys the four seasons in all of their glory. This allows people who buy new homes in Metro DC (See: http://www.kbhome.com/new-homes-metro-dc) to enjoy the fantastic weather throughout the year.

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