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Top 6 Irish Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

There is nothing quite like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in your new house and kitchen built by KB Homes! Having some wonderful food to share with family and friends may be the perfect way to celebrate!  Here we’ve gathered six top Irish recipes for you to try.

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Designing a Mobility Friendly Home

If you are looking to build a lifelong dream home, one that is grandchild friendly as well as wheelchair accessible, kb homes are the builders for you. With customization and personalized design options available in every step of the building process, you are at the helm of creating the lifestyle you want and need in your life today and looking forward towards a comfortable and beautiful retirement.

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New Home Bathroom Organization Ideas: Save Time AND Money

One of the best elements of the new kb homes are the generous sized bathrooms. But even a big, beautiful bathroom can become cluttered without a little bit of planning and organizing. So many mornings we’re running late, in a hurry to get dressed and ready for the day, and tidying up our space is the last thing on our list. But with these tips and tricks you’ll have bathroom organization down and save yourself money too. How many times have you purchased a duplicate pair of scissors or tweezers because you couldn’t find the pair you bought just last month? Do yourself a favor and give these tips a try.

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Many Ways To Celebrate Halloween

KB Homes Holloween

A time for dress up, for all ages! Children and adults alike have a holiday that gives them a chance to show up to your door as the hero Superman- or better yet-the ice princess Elsa.

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Creating Space For Inspiration at Home

How we live is all a reflection of who we are. So when you are shopping for new KB Homes, remember that the best houses are all about people. Crafting a home that is an inspired house full of discovery, stories, and freedom to express takes a little planning.

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Wildly Ingenious New Home Remodeling Ideas

Are you ready for some remodeling? Looking for some clever ideas for a new home you just moved into? Or perhaps you are even getting one of the new custom Built-to-Order KB homes? Either way, here are 25 ingenious ideas you may want to consider in your new home remodel. Just try getting through this article without wanting to call your home builder right away!

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Summer Home Maintenance Guide

Summer is here! Longer days make for a perfect time to get out and enjoy the warm weather. In some places in the country, it’s a time of thunder storms that homeowners will want to be ready for. Sudden showers and power outages mean having things in place like tools and flashlights. Still in other places in the country, it’s a time of increased dryness and heat. Providing shade and conserving water would be a focus for KB Homes in San Antonio  and other hot places in this case. Whatever your weather situation is this summer, there are lots of ways to maintain a safe and functional home.

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10 Great Ways To Improve Your Neighborhood

Whether you are moving, just buying your new KB home, or if you’re a long time resident in your neighborhood there are many ways you can improve where you live. Having fun in your home and with your neighbors is part of the American Dream after all! We’ve compiled a list of 10 great ways you can make a difference in your neighborhood.

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Main Reasons To Make Tampa Florida Your Home

KB Homes in Tampa

Besides the fact that many of the country’s rising businesses are located in Tampa and that Tampa Bay is rated high for college student talent on the rise, moving to Tampa is simply a smart idea.  With the impressive education ranks, lower cost of running a business and the great ratings of KB Homes in Tampa, it may time to look for new homes for sale in Tampa.

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23 Decorating Tricks for Your Bedroom

Bedroom Ideas

Are you searching for new ways to decorate your KB home bedroom? Well look no further than this article from Real Simple. They have amazing decorative ideas in this article “23 Decorating Tricks for Your Bedroom.”

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