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Imaginative Designs for an Imaginative Boy’s Bedroom


“Frogs, snails and puppy-dogs’ tails” may be what little boys are made of, but they are still just as adorable and sweet to their mamas as “sugar and spice” girls. As all mommies of little boys know, sons have incredible imaginations and lots and lots of energy. It’s important to encourage their creativity and ingenuity as children so that they can grow up to be successful and confident adults. A themed bedroom may be the perfect way for you to help with this. If your little boy or boys like to transform their box spring mattresses into sail boats and their closets into an airplane, then here are a few clever decorating ideas that might work for your little pirate or pilot. Get inspired from these design ideas and bring out your creative side as you decorate your little boy’s bedroom.

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Wildly Ingenious New Home Remodeling Ideas

Are you ready for some remodeling? Looking for some clever ideas for a new home you just moved into? Or perhaps you are even getting one of the new custom Built-to-Order KB homes? Either way, here are 25 ingenious ideas you may want to consider in your new home remodel. Just try getting through this article without wanting to call your home builder right away!

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10 Unique and Amazing Pre-Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas


Girls are unique creatures. They need change and consistency, especially as they are growing up. Her bedroom should reflect her growing interests and style while being a place for comfort, security and joy. Whether it’s changing up to a bigger and more comfortable mattress or adjusting color schemes and decor, it’s not hard to have a girls room “grow” with her. If it’s time to look at different bedroom ideas for your teen or pre-teen girl, we’ve got 10 amazing ideas below.

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8 Practical and Attractive Ideas for Storage Beds

Getting out of bed can be hard. The thought of dragging yourself around to get ready for the day can feel disagreeable. But with a tidy room having extra storage space in your bed, you can make a drowsy morning into productive one. From your Sleepy’s bed to a revitalized day, it’s amazing the feeling that comes from having less clutter and more organization.

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16 Fun and Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall is almost here and it’s one of our favorite times of year to decorate our homes. Whether you live in an older home or in one of the new KBHomes, you are certain to find some fun and easy ways to decorate your home inside and out with these 16 great ideas.

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