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Bugs, Bugs, Go Away

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Have you ever been flustered after finding ants have invaded an area of your home? What do you do when the flies want to become your roommates? Nobody really wants to share a home with these bugs. Let’s go over some ways to help deal with these different pests. Next time choose a KB Tampa quality home so you don’t have this issue.

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20 Ridiculously Creative DIY Ways to Dress Up Your Kids’ Beds

Once you’ve received your child’s mattress through Sleepys delivery service you can jump right into decorating their bed. There are numerous ways to fashion your child’s bed so that it correlates perfectly with their imagination and personal tastes. You can custom make their bedspread, pillows, headboard and even the bed itself to achieve the best design. Here are a few brilliant DIY ideas to inspire you to create the most incredible bed for your child.

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Simple Family Reunion Planning Guide

As summer is fast approaching and family reunions are in the making, it can seem almost hopelessly with the hours of planning and getting everyone to come not to mention making sure everyone has a good time and to gets along with Aunt Mildred. Don’t go cry in the bedroom with the task at hand. Instead: dry off your tear stained face, get off your super comfy mattress and use these helpful hints to pull off any reunion and even enjoy your family at the same time.

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No Need to Be Jealous of Folks with Expensive Homes

Besides the fact that such a high percentage of those buying overly prices ritzy homes cannot truly afford it, there are other reasons why there is no reason to envy those flaunting extravagant new digs. If you are looking for your own dream home, that is what you can afford, check out new homes for sale in Phoenix by KB Home which can give you that feeling of wealth without bankrupting you in the process.

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Best Weapons For Home Defense – Don’t Leave Yourself Vulnerable

In mid January of this year, a Tampa Florida former principal was shot by a burglar invading his home. Thankfully, the invader was caught and the victim who underwent surgery is expected to survive; but this is yet another situation that might have ended differently if the home owner brandished a weapon in defense of his home and family.

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DIY Photo Letters – Personalize Your Decor

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There is nothing as comfortable and wonderful as being home! It’s where we all want to be and what makes up daily life. So making our homes more apart of us in our home decor is Make you home decor personalized with these adorable photo letters.

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Install Simple Wood Deck Housing For Your Deck or Garden

Do you have a patio or deck that you’d like a different flooring on? Perhaps your Albuquerque home builders (see kbhome.com/new-homes-albuquerque) left you a nice spot for a garden but it needs something nice around it. No matter where you live, you might want to consider installing some modular Platta wood decking. You won’t believe how this can transform your deck or area, or how easy you can do this yourself.

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10 Simple Home Improvement Resolutions To Save Big Money


It’s a new year! Are you setting your goals for this coming year? Do some of those goals involve saving money? Looking for a new energy-efficient home may be as simple as looking into a new home by KB (see KBHome.com) for the latest technologies in home energy savings.

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Five Tips To Know When Planning DIY Home Repairs

We can’t all be master home builders like the folks at kbhome.com, however, there are many projects and upgrades we can do ourselves. When starting a DIY project for home improvement, remember these five tips and your Napoleon Dynamite skills will go better than voting for Pedro.

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The Three Most Important Aspects of a Guestroom

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The holidays are almost here and for lot of people that means playing host to extended family members who drive or fly in to share the holidays. If you have the space in your home, you may be one of those hosts who offer up a room or two for your house guests to sleep in while they are in town. This act of kindness is generally well appreciated by loved ones who are looking for a way to save time and money during their holiday visit. Unlike hotel rooms, guestrooms are not required to have over-the-top, luxurious accommodations. In fact the three main purposes for a guestroom is to provide privacy, comfort and most importantly a place to sleep. With those three factors in mind, here are a few simple ways you can prepare your guestroom for your guests.

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