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Bugs, Bugs, Go Away

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Have you ever been flustered after finding ants have invaded an area of your home? What do you do when the flies want to become your roommates? Nobody really wants to share a home with these bugs. Let’s go over some ways to help deal with these different pests. Next time choose a KB Tampa quality home so you don’t have this issue.

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Top 14 Handyman Hacks for Your Home

Better Homes and Gardens recently asked its Facebook fans “if you had a handyman for the day, what would you have fixed?” Fans responded with their own handyman versions of how to fix the most commonly noted household annoyances. If you aren’t living in one of the new homes Tampa  has to offer, you may have come across some of these same issues in your home.

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De-Clutter Your Garage

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It’s that time of year again where we want to “Spring Clean” our k b homes and bring chaos to order! Do you look at your garage and feel overwhelmed?  No need to  shrink from the task with these great storage and organizing ideas from Lowes.

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