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5 Unlikely Essentials for Your Home Gym


New Year resolutions have been made and whether or not you joined the millions of Americans who have committed to less sugar, more exercise, and 20 lost pounds this year, committing to making exercise a part of your daily schedule is important. You probably have a favorite piece of equipment, a stationary bike, treadmill, or weight lifting set. You may even have more than one piece. If you’ve managed to make an extra bedroom or corner of the garage into your home gym here are a few extra items you should also include.

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10 Non-Food Holiday Gifts for Your Neighbors


It’s December and treat trays are making their way around neighborhoods across America. It’s a great way for friends, family, and community members to show their appreciation for one another during the holidays. But if your baking time is limited, or if you’re watching your sugar intake, or you just can’t handle the thought of wrapping one more fruit cake to give to some unsuspecting soul, here are a few ideas for non-food treats. These ideas will fit right into your daily schedule and might help you keep your Christmas simple this year.

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Not Your Mom’s PB&J: Gourmet Sack Lunches


With school back in full swing in almost every district across the country, parents everywhere are looking for healthy lunch ideas to send with their kids. They’re also looking for a way to fit lunch prep into their daily schedule. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been a childhood favorite for generations but some schools have had to ban peanut butter because of severe allergies. It leaves a parent looking for other good lunch options that don’t have to be refrigerated, offer good nutrition, and are appealing to kids. Here are a few sandwich ideas that are new versions of the old PB&J you grew up with. They’ll hit the spot with kids and parents alike.

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Life Hacks To Create the Ultimate Daily Routine


Making the most out of each day will be determined by what your daily schedule is and what habits you have formed to make things happen automatically and efficiently. Here are some tips on how to create a routine that will help you manage your time effectively and give you a better outcomes because things will happen with ease:

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5 Steps to Perfect Your Daily Schedule


Creating a daily schedule that is inspiring, productive, and realistic should be your goal. Here are some ways to improve your current daily schedule.

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10 Excellent Time Managing Tips To Balance Your Daily Schedule

daily schedule

Many of us often find ourselves ridiculously overbooked from day to day. We have too much to do and too little time to do it all. It can be a constant struggle balancing the craziness of our lives. We want to accomplish each of our daily tasks by a certain point in our day and still have time time to relax and have fun. Here are ten terrific ideas to help you manage and balance your daily schedule so that you can go to bed at night feeling satisfyingly accomplished.

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3 Steps to Prepare Your Mind and Body for Exercise

Daily Schedule

We all know that exercising our bodies is really good for us. It makes us feel good and helps us to live longer, healthier lives. The one problem is that for some of us the task of exercising everyday feels like a chore and we struggle to maintain a workout routine in our daily schedule. This article gives three terrific tips on how to get yourself motivated for regular daily exercise. Learn how to set up a super easy pre-workout for yourself that gradually forms into actual movement that prepares your mind and body for a full workout.

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How Less is More When Party Planning

Daily Schedule

Many of us have made the mistake of outdoing ourselves when we plan and schedule a party. Although you may like the attention that comes from throwing a huge, never-will-be-forgotten event, if you are too stressed out to enjoy yourself, your guests will sense it. They may even feel uncomfortable for you. People go to parties to mingle with others, including the host. Using the easy, daily tips below, find out just how much more fun a simple party can be for both you and your guests.

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