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How Less is More When Party Planning

Daily Schedule

Many of us have made the mistake of outdoing ourselves when we plan and schedule a party. Although you may like the attention that comes from throwing a huge, never-will-be-forgotten event, if you are too stressed out to enjoy yourself, your guests will sense it. They may even feel uncomfortable for you. People go to parties to mingle with others, including the host. Using the easy, daily tips below, find out just how much more fun a simple party can be for both you and your guests.

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Biology of Kindness

Did you that being nice to other people can actually help you live a longer and happier life? It’s true! This article tells of an incredible study that found how people who thought more compassionately about others had lower risks for cardiovascular disease. They also discovered that this kind group of people had improved their immune responses and glucose levels. Learn how it was possible in this daily fix article.

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10 Allergy Remedies You Can Make At Home

Tis the season for allergies.  This itchy eyes, tickly nose, and disturbed breathing that we all just love, right?  Not.  Here are some simple remedies you can get your daily fix with and help combat those allergies.

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5 Tips For Fun and Easy Budget Daily Management

Part of our daily management is getting our bills paid.  It’s easy to  procrastinate and put it off because other things sound less boring than budgeting your money. Yet the benefits of money planning far outweigh the time spent. We found this article share these five ways to make budgeting more enjoyable.

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Daily Management – Is It Good To Be A Busy-Body

Daily Management

Most of us relate being busy to stress, anxiety, and often craziness.  It’s true, that having an endless amount to do in our daily management of our lives without a break is not something we seek after.  However, it all depends on what is keeping us busy.  Is it something we love doing?  Do we feel like we’re making a difference?

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Creative Ways to play outdoors as a family

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Creative Family Time:  The Family That Plays Together…

Spring is finally here! After being cooped up all winter, many of us are looking for fun things to do outdoors. How can we capture the sunshine and bring a little Mother Nature into our daily life? Let’s have a look at some of the most creative ways to have fun as a family outdoors.

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