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How to Use Your Halloween Pumpkin

We all love pumpkins, those golden globes of awesomeness that find their way onto our porches, tables, into our food and beverages, and inspire an autumn frenzy every year. But what do you do with them once the Halloween ghosts and ghouls have gone home? Here’s your daily fix for the leftover pumpkin problem.

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Storing Your Children’s Art

One of the blessings of parenthood is being the recipient of so many thoughtful gifts. Children are known to bring you special rocks from the driveway, beautiful leaves from the walkway, and curious bugs from the backyard. All of them so magical and magnificent that they just have to share them with you. Those things usually find their way back out to the natural world or into the trash bin while your little one is looking the other way. But there’s something else they give you, that they definitely notice when it gets tossed: their artwork. Here are a few daily fix ideas to help you store all of those one-of-a-kind masterpieces that you (or they) just can’t seem to get rid of.

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Try This Super Cute “Good Night” Light DIY Project

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Are you ready to get your daily fix making this unbelievably awesome canvas nightlight? Think of how great this would be for a personalized gift, child’s room, guest room, or wherever you want to add a touch of awesome to your home.

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Baking soda + Lavender = Clean Mattress & A great Night’s Sleep

If you don’t already know about dust mites, you may want to Google it, because there can be up to millions of them residing in your mattress right now. Not only your mattress, but your mattress covers, pillows, bedding, furniture , carpet and even clothing. Mattresses seem to be their favorite so cleaning it regularly is a smart idea. Vacuuming your mattress every month may help to control the dust mite population. You can also put a plastic covering around your bed to seal it, but who really wants to do that? Not me.

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Biology of Kindness

Did you that being nice to other people can actually help you live a longer and happier life? It’s true! This article tells of an incredible study that found how people who thought more compassionately about others had lower risks for cardiovascular disease. They also discovered that this kind group of people had improved their immune responses and glucose levels. Learn how it was possible in this daily fix article.

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10 Allergy Remedies You Can Make At Home

Tis the season for allergies.  This itchy eyes, tickly nose, and disturbed breathing that we all just love, right?  Not.  Here are some simple remedies you can get your daily fix with and help combat those allergies.

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