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How To Keep Your Mattress Fresh and Clean

When you get that bed from Sleepys Delivery (See Sleepys.com), it’s all new, fresh and lovely. Yet over time, your mattress can get dingy and full of dust mites. Did you know that you can keep your bed as fresh as when you first got it? It’s true. All you need is a couple simple every-day ingredients.

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How To Get Those Oil Stains Off Your Garage Floor

KB Homes

Homeowners wanting to keep dirt and oil out of their homes usually prefer to keep the floors of their garage clean. It’s hard when you park a car in the garage, as some oil stains will eventually happen. Even in your new KB homes there are bound to be times you get some leaks. Yet it is possible to remove them and keep your kids from tracking them in the house. Here is a guide by Aaron Crowe that we found super helpful.

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Be sure to clean your Oriental Rugs Correctly

Caring for Oriental Rugs

The oriental rugs in Milwaukee are beautiful and, with proper care, can last for ages. For some people, the fear of ruining their rug leads them to ignore maintenance to the point where small dust storms are kicked up when anyone walks across it. If your precious oriental rug’s design is so dim you can’t remember what it is, you need to take action.

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Does my Floor need a Rug?

Persian Rugs Lend Meaning to Interior Spaces

Since Persian carpets are indicative of deep symbolism, it’s good to consider the design of the rug when purchasing one. Living rooms are the most popular choice for a Persian rug, with kitchens and hallways coming in at a near second in terms of popularity. The most traditional type of Persian rug is the large, rectangular shaped, with smaller variations on this. The standard Persian rug sizes are the seven by ten feet, eight by twelve, and the ten by thirteen feet. A round Persian rug is very rare but can be found along with ovals if one looks hard and works directly with a dealer.

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