Summer Fun In Tampa

During the summer season there are a lot of reasons to go outside and enjoy the warm days. Here are some reasons why buy KB home Tampa and enjoy the great outdoors:

1. Lawn Twister For The Win


The classic game of twister is a huge hit with the whole family. An easy way to play it on a summer evening is to paint circles with spray paint on the lawn. You will be able to play this game as an entire family for several days until the grass grows out and is ready to be mowed.

2. Frozen T-Shirts Relay Race


Looking for ways to cool off and spending time outside is necessary in the summer. Freezing t-shirts overnight is the easiest way to accomplish the frozen t-shirt part of this game. Wet several t-shirts and stick them in plastic bags and put them in a freezer. The next day you will be ready to create teams to try to pull apart the t-shirt and put on the shirt before the other team. It’ll really help keep you cool on a hot day.

3. Dodge Ball With Water Balloons


Playing dodge ball is one of childhood’s great memories from school, now you can play it while trying to keep cool. Divide into two teams with buckets of water balloons for each team, create a line that can not be crossed and start to play traditional dodgeball.

4. Bowl In The Dark


Save up some soda containers this summer and then fill with water and a glow stick to make bowling pins. You can use a basketball, soccer ball, or kick ball to use as the bowling ball. Make sure to keep your lawn short in order to allow the ball to roll fast enough to the pins.

5. Marble Fishing


This is a fun game to play on a hot day with a group of friends. Get a plastic kids’ pool and fill it up with water, ice, and marbles. Team members must put their foot in the pool and “fish” out marbles using their toes. Once they grab them with their toes, they put the marble in a container.  The first team to fish out the required number of marbles wins the game.

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