Summer Block Party Ideas

School is almost starting again and it’s time to have one last party to celebrate the summer! If you’re looking for a great way to get to know your neighbors, provide a way for your kids to meet new friends and connect with their old ones, and just have a really great time sharing all the hometown daily news, then a block party is just the thing for you. These ideas can spark your own creativity. Call a few friends and neighbors, invite them over and start planning your summer bash over cold lemonade on your back porch.


1. Old-Fashioned Country Fair

Everyone loves the fair! With cotton candy, corndogs, and prizes around every corner there’s something for everyone to do. You can plan your games around the personal interests of the families who want to participate, get everyone to pitch in, and have a great time. Call a local rental supply business, they usually have bounce houses, cotton candy machines, popcorn stands, and a host of other supplies to fit your needs.



2. A Night with the Stars

This theme has something of interest for everyone. For the little kids you can have a “box car” drive in theater in one of the driveways on the block. For outdoor enthusiasts you can have a “name that constellation” game. And for the parents on the block you can have a dancing with the stars event, complete with community judges and maybe even a live band. Make it a night to remember.



3. Around the World in One Night

A multi-cultural celebration can be a fabulous way to get to know your neighbors. Invite everyone to bring potluck dishes from the lands of their heritage, play a “guess the ancestor” game with everyone trying to figure out “who’s your daddy” for everyone. Just think of the possibilities! Music from around the globe, ethnic dishes, and maybe even a storyteller to engage the children with fairytales and folk stories from many countries.



4. This Block’s Got Talent!

Everyone has got a hidden talent. Maybe it’s blowing epic bubbles, burping the ABC’s, or doing Presidential impressions. Whatever it is, you can invite the block over to celebrate their hidden skills. Roll out the red carpet, pick a few young friends to be the judges, get someone with a sense of humor to be your MC, and you’ll have a night not to be forgotten.



5. Wild West BBQ Bash

Here’s a block party that is all-American. From a suction cup shoot out at your own homemade OK Corral, to a square dance hoedown, you can make this theme as elaborate or as simple as you want. Invite your neighbors to don their jeans, cowboy boots, and ten gallon hats. Hire a BBQ pit smoker to cook up your dinner and get potluck side dishes from everyone on the block. See if anyone wants to do a rendition of some Baxter Black Cowboy poetry, have a John Wayne impressions contest, and an old time, dress up photo booth complete with saloon girl dresses and Texas Ranger spurs. You’ll be hollering “Yee-Haw!” into the wee hours of the morning.


Good times are ahead when you plan a get together with friends. So go ahead and plan big, work together, and kick your summer fun off with a bang.

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