Steps to Getting Organized When Selling Your Home

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Getting ready to put your home on the market can be a big hassle when trying to get your in tip top shape. How do you go about getting your home organized while in the midst of all the chaos? With these helpful hints it will help you sell your home and finally be able to get that new dream home in Tampa.

1. Stop Adding To The Clutter

If you are always purchasing multiple things on sale it is time to stop doing so. If they are items you are frequently using try reducing the number of multiple items you do have. Limit the amount to a month or two. The more room you have on your shelves, closets, mudrooms the better your space will look and will make your space seem bigger and less cluttered.

2. Storing Items

Having a game plan on where you will store your items during your listing period is really help make a difference. Set aside boxes specifically to handle items you plan to give to charity, family members, or even to sell at a yard sale.

3. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Learn to take baby steps. By taking one small task at a time it will help make things more manageable. You will find you have a greater success rate if you tackle each task accordingly. It will help you not to feel overwhelmed and feel like you can’t do it all. Instead of the garage and attics, take on a drawer, closet, medicine cabinet. Pick a task everyday or every other day and soon enough you will have the job done in no time.

4. Create Piles

This may come across as counter intrusive, but creating piles or grouping items together such as charities, keeping items, or getting rid of things will help you deal with the item then and there. Once you have done so don’t look back and move on.

5. Paperwork

Anyone who says they don’t have a lot of paperwork is lying. We all have it in one form or another. We all tend to collect a lot of it, find a way that makes it easy to organize for you and keep everything together such as birth certificates, contracts, titles to cars, etc. Try scanning certain items or go paperless to eliminate a lot of clutter that will build up. Also learn to throw things out as they come in.

6. Time To Let Go

It is okay to keep certain things, but many times people will keep something that another family member gave them and they feel guilty about getting rid of the item. If you still have that baking dish from your aunt you have never used it may be time to let it go. Donate it to charity or have a yard sale to sell it. You can always take a picture of something and make a scrapbook of the items if they really mean a lot to you.

7. Don’t Stress Yourself Out

Having to go through this process can be daunting and time consuming Make sure to give yourself some time off to recuperate and relax. You don’t want to make yourself sick from trying to do it all in a matter of days or weeks. Be kind to yourself.

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