Spring is in the Air, Time to Clean

Maybe we have all had too long of a winter this year? Those cold and dark winter months are a time for snuggling and hot cocoa. Usually the thought of cleaning out your garage is the last thing on your mind as you are shoveling snow and bundling up to keep warm. Spring has sprung and it is time to wake up the little voice in your head that tells you to clean out some stuff! Your Denver homes need a touch of OCD and some purging, you know they do.

What to get rid of?

A rule of thumb is to start in one room or location. Carefully lay out everything you have stored in that room. Make a few areas where you can classify what you have. A good place to start is here:

  • Sentimental
  • Useful
  • Decoration
  • Broken
  • Sellable
  • Donate

You might have some extra categories but this is a jumping off place. Just because it is time to clean, it doesn’t mean you need to get crazy with it but do be mindful of your things and reasons you keep them. If you have not looked at or used something in a year it is a great time to consider sending it to another lovely home. This applies to anything that is not an “only once a year “used item. Be realistic and if you have things you intend to fix then make it a goal to fix them and give yourself a deadline before you must get rid of the item and move on.

Where to take unwanted items?

  • You can sell a lot of your stuff on local Facebook Garage sales, Offer up app, sell your stuff app, craigslist(be careful of this one) classifieds, Ebay , home garage sales, resale shops, and even some thrift stores buy items.
  • Donating your things is kind and a fun way to help others in need. You can get a donation slip for a later tax write off. Look up thrift stores in your local area or even better; find a shelter that may want to take your things. Libraries sometimes take books that they might need too.
  • Garbage. If something is really trash, throw it away and move forward. It might be hard but YOU CAN DO IT!

Putting Things Back

Putting your keep items back is the fun part! Costco has great bins for a really reasonable cost ($8.99 give or take each) and this is a great way to organize your stuff. Some people prefer clear or see through bins or totes. Be sure to label what is in these totes (Use duct tape and a sharpie or printed labels).

Once you have your things where you can easily get to them and know where to look life just got a whole lot brighter and you garage just got a whole lot lighter! Have a spring clean-up weekend and celebrate your accomplishment! You deserve an organized space.

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