San Diego County: A Garden of Eden for Gardeners

Have you been considering purchasing one of the new San Diego homes for sale? A new place for the new year? Well, here’s another reason to consider San Diego as one of the finest places on earth to settle.

A Paradise For Gardeners

The proximity to the sea, the mild weather, and the abundance of sun make for a literal garden paradise in San Diego. With a USDA zone range from 9-10, San Diego is one of the few areas of the United States where avid gardeners and hobby botanists can grow tropical and plants with ease. Known for their rich colors and magnificent array of shapes and fragrances, tropical plants give home gardeners a chance to show off their skills and can offer a challenge to those who want to put themselves in the running for the local “yard of the month” award in their community.

The succulent sanctuary of Bo and Elizabeth Matthys was the 2012 Grand Prize Winner of the San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine Garden of the Year. Image from

Have you always wanted to grow unusual varieties of orchids, or perhaps bromeliads with their spiky leaves and neon colors? Plants that require a heated greenhouse in any other part of the United States thrive in the yard of your new San Diego home.

Tropical fruits, flowers from South Pacific islands and far away lands, palms, flowering shrubs, and even traditional lilies and roses thrive in the sea-scented air and sunshine. All of the plants you’ve ever dreamed of growing are just waiting to grace your yard, your patio, and front porch.

A Foodie Favorite

Are you a fair hand with flowers but more interested in food crops? San Diego won’t disappoint! With an average temperature range of 65℉ to 75℉ all year, vegetable crops absolutely thrive in that warm California sun without suffering under intense heat. Lemon, orange, lime, and avocado trees are a common sight in backyards throughout the county and grape vines as well.

Visiting farmers markets can be a fun experience for the whole family. Image from

Can anything beat fresh orange juice, from your own orange trees, every day of the year? Or 365 days of fresh lemonade to go with your dinner? Traditional favorites like tomatoes, peppers, onions, and potatoes also thrive. A hobby farmer could easily produce a large percentage of their food supply in even a small yard because food production doesn’t have to stop for winter weather.

Gardener Resources

One of the best things about choosing a new home and yard in San Diego is the large number of resources available for your success. A simple Google search of gardening in San Diego county will yield a huge number of results geared towards educating the home gardener on skills and conditions that will lead to success.

San Diego Gardening in February. Image from

One of the best things about gardeners is that they love to share the information they have learned. Sometimes just asking a neighbor about the plants in their yard will open up the floodgates of information and solve problems you didn’t even know you had.

Your best garden yet is waiting for you in San Diego!

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