Five To-Do’s For your Home Exterior in March

With the official first day of spring being March 20th, there’s a long checklist of things to get done. As the snow begins to melt away, Denver homes need tune ups for springtime. Simplify your life and use this short […]


Window Wise: How to Choose What’s Best for Your Home

Whether you’re replacing old windows in your existing home or planning which windows you’ll want in a new construction, there are a few important points to consider when picking out the windows in your kb home. Here are a few […]


How to Grow Herbs Indoors All Winter

Gardeners have been pulling out the last of the plants from their gardens for weeks now. The pumpkins have been turned into pies or front porch décor, tomatoes were canned while the sun was still warm, and bags of sweet […]


Tropical Tucson Gardening

If you are one of the lucky owners of a new construction home in Tucson, Arizona then you are poised to turn your yard into a tropical paradise. Tucson is one of the rare locations in the United States that […]


10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Yourself Flowers

Everyone knows how delightful it is to get a bouquet of flowers delivered to your door. It’s just a little out of the ordinary step of daily life; makes us smile and lifts our spirits. But why wait for someone […]


Summer Toddler Entertainment


The summer is just starting, older children are getting out of school, family reunions and vacations are looming large on the horizon, and so are endless afternoons of the littlest members of the family feeling bored and maybe a little left out of all those extracurricular activities. Your daily life will be different and the youngest members of a family can sometimes struggle with the change in schedule. Here are a few ideas to keep little hands and minds engaged in the hot days to come..

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New Home Bathroom Organization Ideas: Save Time AND Money


One of the best elements of the new kb homes are the generous sized bathrooms. But even a big, beautiful bathroom can become cluttered without a little bit of planning and organizing. So many mornings we’re running late, in a hurry to get dressed and ready for the day, and tidying up our space is the last thing on our list. But with these tips and tricks you’ll have bathroom organization down and save yourself money too. How many times have you purchased a duplicate pair of scissors or tweezers because you couldn’t find the pair you bought just last month? Do yourself a favor and give these tips a try.

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Re-Claiming the Lost Art of Letter Writing


Human beings are communicating all the time. We speak to each other about the weather, family events, the latest hometown daily news, and world events. We login to our social media accounts and post, tweet, and share our most recent political irritations, media meanderings, or family pictures. Communication abounds with cell phones in our pockets ringing and connecting us to our friends and business associates no matter where we are; from the grocery store to the gym, or our afternoon walk. But in all the flow of words that wash over us on a daily basis we are often denied one of the greatest pleasure known to humankind: receiving a letter from a friend.

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Your Daily Dose of Chocolate Cake


There are plenty of ways to get your daily fix of chocolate; hot cocoa, chocolate milk, one of your favorite candy bars. But nothing satisfies the craving for delicious, decadent chocolate than a made from scratch chocolate cake. There are almost as many chocolate cake recipes as there are cooks in the world, but we’ve narrowed our list down to the 4 we like the best. From light and sweet to dark and delicious, you’re bound to find something here that will delight your taste buds.

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Journaling: The Key to Boosting Your Emotional and Intellectual Quotient


Journal keeping is often considered the activity of old, bespectacled professors writing down their ages of wisdom for future generations in dusty, leather bound books or the evening habit of young, giggling schoolgirls, writing their wishful love lives in heart and flower strewn notebooks. But writing our thoughts, rather than just saying them, is actually a powerful tool. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to improve your business influence, a mom looking for a way to improve her parenting, or a college student hoping to increase knowledge, keeping a journal could be the daily life habit that becomes the key to your success.

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Best 5 Beaches in Tampa, Florida


When you live in Tampa and you ask “why buy KB home Tampa“? You just want to get the best out of your beachcomber experience so check out these best 5 beaches and find that one that you love the most and solidify your reasons to buy.

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Let The Luau Begin: 4 Easy Steps


Throw an awesome luau block party in your new homes Tampa Fl neighborhood. This is the perfect time of the year to wind down school and let loose and unwind with a fun luau party!

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Household Chore Headache Removal


Everyone who owns a home or lives in a home is, of necessity, a housekeeper. The daily management of a home is what allows us to enjoy our space. Some people seem to be naturally good at household chores. It’s like they have a to-do list hardwired in their brain and they always seem to know when and how to tidy up. For the rest of us though, managing the household chores requires a little more planning. If you throw a spouse and kids into the mix it starts to get even more complicated.

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Sleeping and TMJ


Do you suffer from TMJ (Temporalmandibular Joint Disorder)? The way you are sleeping may affect your pain. Here are a few tips to help you when you are sleeping on your Sleepys bed:

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Updated Garage Flooring Options


In your KB Tampa construction home there are some really great DIY garage flooring options available. Of course, if you are not a do-it-yourselfer then you can always hire it out. Garage flooring gets pretty gross over the years. If you vehicle has an oil leak then your floor may look worse for the wear than you desire. In our 21st century living garages are not just places to store junk and park your car anymore. Your garage can be just as comfortable as the rest of your home.

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