Out of This World Fun in Houston, Texas

Are you looking for something fun to do in Texas? Are your kids home from school and looking for something to do? As wonderful as your new kb homes in Houston might be, it’s still fun and exciting to get out and about with your family. Here are some seriously out of this world activities that will have your kids smiling and having fun.

Space Center Houston


“We have a problem, Houston” may be an iconic American statement, but you won’t have any troubles with a trip to the Space Center Houston museum. With hands on exhibits, meet an astronaut Friday events, and tours that take families to the moon and beyond, you’ll be able to spend hours exploring and having fun.

iFly Indoor Skydiving


Most parents aren’t prepared to jump out of plane with their children, but when you visit the iFly Indoor Skydiving center you can experience the thrill of free-falling without the fear of heights. With instructors who guide you through a simulated skydiving experience you can definitely break free from the bonds of gravity and feel the joy of flight with the whole family.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science


With exhibits running from the gentle flutter of butterflies to the IMAX movies dedicated to the power of solar storms, the Houston Museum of Natural Science has got it all. For a truly out of this world experience, visit the Burke Planetarium to get up close and personal with the stars, or visit the George Observatory to see how the science of space is discovered by astronomers.

What adventure will you choose? Whichever one appeals to you, grab your family and aim for the stars!

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