New Home Bathroom Organization Ideas: Save Time AND Money

One of the best elements of the new kb homes are the generous sized bathrooms. But even a big, beautiful bathroom can become cluttered without a little bit of planning and organizing. So many mornings we’re running late, in a hurry to get dressed and ready for the day, and tidying up our space is the last thing on our list. But with these tips and tricks you’ll have bathroom organization down and save yourself money too. How many times have you purchased a duplicate pair of scissors or tweezers because you couldn’t find the pair you bought just last month? Do yourself a favor and give these tips a try.

1. Start With a Purge


We all have old bottles of shampoo kicking around, expired medicine that should have been used or disposed of years ago, and used toothbrushes we’re saving in case of an emergency. The emergency is NOW. The dust bunnies and clutter are out to get you and you really need to dejunk your bathroom cupboards. Start with the obviously worn out and outdated supplies and tools and move on from there to things you seldom use and big, bulky packages for things you do use. Get rid of worn out bobby pins and bands, don’t keep old razors (they’re not getting any sharper), and throw out those threadbare washcloths. Determine what you use multiple times a day (toothbrush, hair brush, hand soap) and leave those out on the countertop. Everything else can be placed in the next tip for an organized bathroom…

2. Easy Access Organizers


The items that you need often, but not multiple times a day, can be organized into jars, baskets, or bowls that should be easy to get into and out of and be easy to clean. These kinds of items often include medical supplies, cosmetics, hair care items, and cleaning supplies. If your organizers are in a place that is visible consider getting more decorative containers. Glass jars with pretty lids, colorful boxes, or even an eclectic group of antique pots.

3. Shower Head Organizer


The easiest way to keep a shower or bathtub clean is to keep the items used in the shower contained in one place. Get an organizer that hangs over the top of your shower head and keep your soap, shampoo, razor, and other shower items organized in one place. Keep a bottle of daily shower cleaner on the rack and give the entire shower a spritz as soon as you are done. This will also cut down on the amount of scrubbing and cleaning you do.

4. Drawer Dividers


Drawers are catchall spots that can easily be overrun with bathroom supplies. Hair bands, old razors, lotions, brushes and combs can all get tangled up into a mass until all that’s left in the drawer is a small corner space where your can find the items you use daily. A good way to avoid that trap is to organize the drawer into small, divided compartments. A small space just large enough for bobby pins and fingers to pick them up with can save you from losing those small items that have to be replaced so often just because you can’t locate them.

5. Towel Bar


If your bathroom doesn’t already have one installed, make sure you add a towel bar to your bathroom. This small organizing tool keeps wet towels off the floor, gives you a place to air dry delicate items and can actually be a decorative element in the room. Choose towels that match your decor and your bathroom will look instantly cleaner and more organized.

6. Door Hooks


The door can be valuable organizing space in a bathroom. You can install hooks that screw directly into the wood of the door or you can find a bar of hooks that hangs over the top of the door itself. This space is great for hanging up clothes, robes, and towels.

Give yourself a cleaning break with these easy tips. Just a little time spent organizing can make your morning routine faster and more mess free.

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