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A time for dress up, for all ages! Children and adults alike have a holiday that gives them a chance to show up to your door as the hero Superman- or better yet-the ice princess Elsa.

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Halloween is well known throughout the world. Here in America the typical Halloween is the costumes, parties, and trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhoods.


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New owners of KB homes  love using home decor to charm their Halloween spirits, there are plenty more of ways to celebrate this day, October 31st.

In 800 BC, it was known to be Samhain (Saw-in). Samhain was supposedly what gave dark spirits the opportunity to find an escape clause. At this age the theory was that during the summer months, the sun would push away these dark spirits. Once this Samhain was spread throughout, the name was changed to ‘All Saints’ Day’ by the Catholic Church. November 1st and the eve before was given the name ‘Allhallows Eve’. Halloween is the shortened word for it that is used to this day.

Despite the changes made to Halloween, the basic principles of it still remain each year.

Halloween is considered a magical day in Australia. Much like the cookies and milk for Santa, bread and water is left for the deceased who decide to visit. China shows the same respect on Halloween (over there they call it Teng Chieh). More food and water are made and placed by photographs of dead family, honoring those that died.

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China, however, doesn’t stop there; lanterns and bonfires are used to light up a path to guide these spirit tourists.

You see, Halloween does not limit itself to allow undisciplined amounts of candy or wonderfully crafted jack-o-lanterns.


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England get’s creative and they make jack-o-lanterns out of beets, which they call punkies.

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France, well, they are a little rebellious. Does house-to-house to trick-or-treat each year get a little too boring? How about trying store-to-store? Now that sounds fun!

Europe Halloween

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Oh, but don’t forget to put your knives away on this beloved Halloween. Germany is certain to make sure of this-they wish to keep the spirits visiting unharmed.

Whether you like in a shack in the middle of the road or in an American home, there are tons of ways you can celebrate Halloween!


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