Love Your Raleigh Lawn

It is that time of the year again and your home in Raleigh should be ready to prep the lawn for spring! Here are some great tips on how to have the best looking lawn on the block.

  • Test your soil PH

Low acidity is a common problem in North Carolina. Get a test kit and find out where your soil is at. This will give you the roadmap of where to begin to fortify your lawn for the spring and summer ahead. Agricultural lime is the best remedy for low acidity in the soil. This is a cheap and easy fix!

  • Aerate your lawn now and get a jump on the season.

Compact soil is a big problem for the root system and nutrient distribution for the lawn. It is best to aerate before temps get over 60 degrees.

  • Pest Control

Early spring is too unpredictable for pest control so give this one some time. Your lawn will love you if you wait a “New York” minute to douse it in pest control. June is a great month to get on top of that business.

  • Take it easy on the mowing

Mowing the grass too short when it is just barely starting to peep its little head out will stunt the growth. Keep the mower height between 2-4 inches for spring cutting and lower as you enter into the summer months.

  • Time to seed the lawn

Now is the time to lay down your seed and get a head start on the growth for the summer. Fill in any patches that may have suffered over the winter and you lawn will thank you.

  • Nip the crabgrass in the bud early

First, dig out the spots that are overcome by crabgrass and then use a good herbicide and kill that nasty stuff before it takes over. Crabgrass seeds itself faster than grass and quickly becomes invasive.

  • Tool Maintenance

This is the best time to do some annual maintenance on your yard tools. Get in and tune up your mower, sharpen the blades, oil and lube it, maybe it is even time for a new battery after sitting all winter. Get those power yard tools started up to make sure they are ready to use when you want them.

You can do this! Getting your lawn in shape early will put a smile on your face and lend a little peace of mind. This year is your year to have the best yard on the block, get to work and reap the benefits all summer long!

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