How to Use Your Halloween Pumpkin

We all love pumpkins, those golden globes of awesomeness that find their way onto our porches, tables, into our food and beverages, and inspire an autumn frenzy every year. But what do you do with them once the Halloween ghosts and ghouls have gone home? Here’s your daily fix for the leftover pumpkin problem.


1. Cook it Up

If you have never cooked up your own pumpkin puree before you are in for a treat. The taste of home processed veggies is much deeper and richer than anything you’re going to get in a can. Here’s some instructions for processing your own pumpkin.



2. When Life Gives You Pumpkins…Make Bread!

Pumpkin bread could possibly be the best reason for growing pumpkins in the first place. This recipe claims to be the best in the world, and they may be right!



3. Make a Satisfying Soup

Nothing warms a body on a cold day like a bowl of hot soup. This is a delicious use of the pumpkin you processed.



4. Stir Up Some Syrup

Pumpkin Spice Syrup is finding its way into lattes, hot cocoa, Italian sodas, and on top of ice cream. But you don’t have to depend upon the store to get your fix, you can make it yourself right at home. Use some of the pumpkin puree that you put into the freezer from processing your Halloween pumpkins.



5. Make Candy

Could there be anything sweeter than candy? Why not try this homemade pumpkin seed brittle, you’ll be using more than just the pumpkin meat and be enjoying a very, very tasty treat!



6. Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you haven’t carved your pumpkin yet, you can bring it in and repurpose it as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. The beauty of autumn is that your decorating efforts can be used for so long.



7. Plan a Pumpkin Photoshoot

Unless your pumpkin carving demolished your Halloween pumpkin you can still salvage what is left for a fabulous baby photo shoot. It’s the perfect way to showcase your own cute lil’ punkin.



8. Keep Your Cool

This is a fun use for a pumpkin, carve it out, fill it with ice, and use it to keep bottled drinks cool. You could also slide a plastic bowl inside and use it to hold party punch as well.



9. “Pump”-kin Up Your Workout

This one has us laughing out loud! Try using your pumpkin the next time you do your morning workout routine.



10. Get Ready for Christmas

Who says pumpkins are only for Halloween and Thanksgiving? Use it for Christmas too!



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