Grown Up Futon Fashion

You may have spent a good portion of your college years sleeping on a lumpy futon in a flat shared by 7 other people. Your memories of its double duty nature may be clouded by the stress of final exams, canceled dates, and late night study sessions. But just because those college days were less than stylish don’t give up on one of the most versatile bed frames you’ll ever find. With gorgeous frames like those from your local Sleepys store, this isn’t your average college dorm futon.

When considering a futon for your space, here are some principles to keep in mind:

1. How You’ll Use the Space

Many people purchase a futon in order to fill a dual role of sofa and bed, but it’s best to consider what your main purpose of this piece of furniture is. If you are planning on using it more as a bed be sure to invest in a high quality futon mattress so that you will enjoy a comfortable rest. If you are using it more as a sofa, you might consider spending a few extra dollars on decorative accent pillows

2. Bed Frame Material and Style

Futons are available in metal and wood frames. They are also available with “invisible” frames, with only a bottom and back visible, and frames that include traditional sofa like armrests. The style of the frame is also available in contemporary, classical, mission, shaker and more styles. The choice of a futon doesn’t have to determine your decor, there are many options will fit in with your interior design.

3. Mattress

If you really did sleep on a futon in college you are probably familiar with the firm yet lumpy quality of the material. Futon mattresses have come a long way since then. Futon mattresses are now available in memory foam and coil innerspring mattresses in varying thicknesses. This superior mattress construction makes for a much more comfortable sleeping and sitting experience.

4. Bedding

Because of the nature of this piece of furniture, it is not a bed that stays made up and ready for use as a bed. In order to make it more convenient for sleeping, consider including a storage ottoman, with bedding inside, as part of your room decor.

5. Cleaning

Another side effect of the dual use nature of a futon is the increased opportunity for stains and messes. Here are a few tips for cleaning a futon mattress

  • Lay the futon flat on it’s frame and spray with upholstery cleaner
  • Scrub the mattress with a brush or dry cloth
  • Vacuum the suds and dirt away and wipe clean
  • Allow the side to dry completely before turning over and repeating

If you are looking for a solid piece of furniture to work into a space that you need to keep open, a futon can be the perfect option for your home.

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