Great Fishing at Tampa Bay

There may be lots of reasons for moving to the beautiful west coast of Florida and buying one of the new KB homes in Tampa Fl, but for avid fishermen there’s just one reason: that beautiful bay.


1) Anglers’ Paradise

For serious fishermen, the Tampa Bay waters are a treasure trove of fishing delights. From pier fishing on the shore, casting beneath the bridges for game fish, or fishing from a boat in the middle of the bay, you have a wide variety of locations and fish to enjoy.


2) Plenty of Piers

If you don’t have a boat but want to get in your quality relaxation time with a rod and reel, here are a few piers around the Tampa Bay area that you’ll find have plentiful fishing opportunities.


a- Ballast Point Park

Ballast Point Park in South Tampa is the perfect spot if you’re a beginning or seasoned angler. For those new to the sport, they have equipment rentals available.



b- Picnic Island Park Pier

This Pier is one of the best locations in Tampa to catch the sunset and a few fish.



c- E.G. Simmons Park

For a natural Florida fishing experience, you can’t beat a visit to E.G. Simmons Park. Less than 20 miles south of Tampa, and still on the bay, this is one of most relaxing fishing spots in the area.



3) A Bounty of Bridges


a- Davis Island Bridge

Located in the perfect spot at the mouth of the Hillsborough River, the Davis Island Bridge offers the perfect spot for both fish and anglers. The supports beneath bridges offer the perfect habitat for fish. With plenty of food and protection, it is an ecosystem guaranteed to grow big fish.



b- Skyway Bridge

This is the spot for some excellent salt water fishing, without a boat!



c- George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier

Because this bridge is pedestrian only, you’ll find this spot to be the perfect speed for some relaxation on the water.



d- Deep Sea Delights

There are many, many chartered fishing boat companies in the Tampa Bay area that can get you out into the deeper waters of the bay if you don’t have a boat of your own. Though, if you’ve taken the plunge and moved to Tampa, you might want to make a boat your next investment. Here are some of the fish you can catch in the Tampa Bay.







Speckled Sea Trout



And many, many, MANY more! Come to Tampa and enjoy beautiful fishing anytime of year.

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