Five To-Do’s For your Home Exterior in March

With the official first day of spring being March 20th, there’s a long checklist of things to get done. As the snow begins to melt away, Denver homes need tune ups for springtime. Simplify your life and use this short to do list to ensure the exterior of your house is prepped for nicer weather with a bit of spring cleaning, fresh flowers and dirt under your nails.


1.Inspect Your Home

When the last winter storm has passed by, it’s important to go around and examine the exterior of your home. Inspect the windows, siding, and front and back porch. Check for any ice or snow damage. Look for ice dams on your roof and indents in your rain gutters. Take the proper actions needed to repair or have them repaired. Ask the advice of a professional on how to prevent similar damage in the future. Replace storm windows and bring out the screens for summer, making sure they don’t have any tears or rips. Consider repainting your home with a more hardy paint and choose a fresh color to invite spring in.

2.Refresh Your Porch

One of the best ways to say farewell to the winter season is to give new life to your front door and entryway to welcome in warmer days. Start by sweeping off your porch and dusting away cobwebs above. Put away winter decor and bring in the florals. If the door is damaged or the paint on the door is wearing thin, now is a better time than ever to replace the door or repaint it. Repainting your door a bright color is a fun way to bring in Spring. Flower pots and welcome signs will bring an inviting vibe to your home. Replace the welcome mat if necessary and add a few cheery easter decorations to tie up the look.

3.Create a Garden Plan

Whether you have gardened before or not, it’s the perfect time to make a garden plan for the year. Plan out what you want, how much you want and where you want to plant it. If you are an experienced gardener, consider building a small fence or post for your garden, adding some new seeds to the mix or replacing your old gardening tools and supplies with new ones. If you are new or have never gardened before, a great spring goal is to pick a few ideas of things you’d like to grow, and talk to a friend, neighbor, or professional about what grows best in your area and how to properly take care of it.

4.Care for Your Lawn

If you plan on planting a garden or not, clearing and taking care of your lawn is especially important as winter fades away. To invite in new plants, fresh green grass and blooming flowers, take the time to dig up weeds and affix sprinklers. Rake away leaves and debris and mow the grass. Salt the sidewalks if they are still icy and if you plan on planting a garden, prepare the soil. A great way to finish the fresh spring look would be to add a water fixture and/or decorative rocks to your front yard.

5.Flowers, Bushes, and Maybe a Tree

Bring the breathe of newness to your home with blooming and colorful plants. Invest in spring flowers to create a lined pathway of welcoming colors to your front door. Add a box of flowers to a window and pots by the steps to your porch. Maybe even save a few for the kitchen table. Try something new by pruning your bushes in a certain shape or purchasing fruit bushes for your yard. Springtime is also the best time to plant a tree, whether it be in the back for a treehouse or in the front as a lovely addition to your home. Talk to a nursery about the kind of tree and best time to plant it for the roots to solidify.

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