DIY Photo Letters – Personalize Your Decor

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There is nothing as comfortable and wonderful as being home! It’s where we all want to be and what makes up daily life. So making our homes more apart of us in our home decor is Make you home decor personalized with these adorable photo letters.

This project is not too difficult. Decide what word you want to display. Some words you might consider are: Love Family, Laugh, Joy, Smile or your family name.


1. paper-mache letters of your chosen word (Find at a craft store)

2. Photo’s you are using (printed out on regular paper)

3. Tacky spray glue

4. Patterned or Decorated Craft paper

5. Pages from an old Book

6. Scissors

TRACE and CUT:Daily_Life_Buff_Photo_Letter_Craft


Decide what paper and photos you want for each letter. Then use the letter as a tracing guide to mark the craft paper or book pages and cut out the shapes.


Carefully spray the tacky glue on the back of the paper and press it onto your letter. Try using a spread of newspapers or paper towels to spray your glue on, to keep the glue from getting on your table. You can also use mod podge.

daily life

Cut out the pictures you want to use and try placing them where you’d like them on the letter until you are happy with where you want them.

daily life

Then run your fingernail over the edge of the photo and the letter to mark where to cut it. Proceed to cut out your pictures and also glue them onto the letter. Allow it to dry completely.


daily life

Then display your personalized word where you want. Prop on your front windowsill, up on top of a piano, a mantel, or on a book shelf; wherever you’d like to display them and have them greet your family and guests.

Images source: Petia Mitchell – Shutterfly

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