De-Clutter Your Garage

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It’s that time of year again where we want to “Spring Clean” our k b homes and bring chaos to order! Do you look at your garage and feel overwhelmed?  No need to  shrink from the task with these great storage and organizing ideas from Lowes.

Garage Storage and Optimization Ideas

Mike Kraft – home improvement expert from Lowes, offers several great tips on cleaning and organizing your garage. Begin by grouping all your items such as decorations, sporting gear, holiday decorations, gardening supplies, tools, recyclables and trash.  After you have divided your items into groups, map out your garage creating zones for each group.  Be sure the items you use the most are easy to get to.
After it’s all mapped where to place everything, you can invest in the appropriate shelving, racks and storage containers that fit each category. Store your garden tool rack next to your garage door so they can be grabbed on your way out to the yard.  Store bicycles on hooks or hoists which are out of the way above your vehicles.  Sports gear can be put in clear containers on shelving racks making it easy to spot them. Those items not used very often like seasonal decorations can be placed on higher shelves. Lastly, put garbage and recycling cans close to the door to your home so you can drop what you need in them quickly.


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