Daily Management – Is It Good To Be A Busy-Body

Daily Management

Most of us relate being busy to stress, anxiety, and often craziness.  It’s true, that having an endless amount to do in our daily management of our lives without a break is not something we seek after.  However, it all depends on what is keeping us busy.  Is it something we love doing?  Do we feel like we’re making a difference?

In a study at the Columbia University that looked into the effects of lots of extracurricular activity on kids and youth concluded that nothing negative was found for the kids that were doing more activities.  In actuality, the kids who spend more time in organized activities got better grades, had improved relationships, and enjoyed a higher self esteem.

Being busy can be a good thing that actually brings a person more happiness.  Some of the benefits of keeping yourself involved in many good things is:


  • A feeling of Accomplishment.  When you think of all you have gotten done, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment that just can’t be given in any other way.  Having a feeling of purpose and that adrenaline rush to get to something or help someone is a wonderful feeling.
  • Personal Growth. When you are busy, you are usually learning and developing skills along the way.  Your mind is in the switched “on ” position. Often you learn more about yourself and that you can do things you didn’t know you could do. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly developing new pathways in your brain that help you do things better, differently and even faster.
  • More Confidence. When you are accomplishing many things in your life, it give you more confidence in your abilities.  You also develop the ability to relate to more people.
  • Less Negativity.  The plain fact is, when you are busy you have less time to contemplate your problems and negative issues in your life. You are simple moving on to what is more important.  Less negativity is always better.
  • SUPER.  People think you are super when they see you doing all that you do.  You may just get called “Superman” or “Supermom” .  It’s a great feeling to be super.


What if you are in a job that you hate, or have things to do that do not make you happy?  Truth is, around 80% of us are not happy with our work.  Yet that actually means that about 20% of us ARE happy with our work and spring out of bed with excitement and energy to get going.

If you aren’t happy with your job, work, or life… why don’t you change it? Change always begins with you.  If you can’t change your job, try changing your attitude.  What can you tweak or modify?  Make what you do more interesting and fun?  Go a little further and think about how you’re spending your free time.  Get busy doing what you love.  Join a club or sports team, attend a seminar, get out in nature, get off that couch and do something you enjoy.

The key to our daily management of time is to find a balance.  It can be rewarding to be a busy-body, as long as we still take that time to rejuvenate and recharge our batteries.  Getting enough sleep is a key factor.  Life is amazing and wonderful .  Let’s live it well, and make a difference while we do.

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