Creating Space For Inspiration at Home

How we live is all a reflection of who we are. So when you are shopping for new KB Homes, remember that the best houses are all about people. Crafting a home that is an inspired house full of discovery, stories, and freedom to express takes a little planning.

Here are seven ideas to help you design an space for inspiration in your home.

1) Simple White Walls

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This room glows with style from the old wooden chest night stand and wooden picture frame to the soft bedding and Indian throw. It wouldn’t be hard to lie on this bed and be free of distractions.

2) Wall of Style

kb homes

If you have an eclectic collection, try displaying it outside of the bedroom. Like this vintage record anthology combined with pop culture wall art (very nicely arranged), and a tall blue post lamp to add more color. Classic.

3) Layered Mirrors

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What more creative way to catch ones eye than to layer elegant and dynamic mirrors above your bookshelf or mantel? Tied in with the zebra rug, statue and white ribbed walls and you have quite the amazing den or living room.

4) Hunting Beauty

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It’s a nicer more alluring strategy of displaying your deer antlers to add some flowers, instead of including a large animal head. Such a combination really creates a dramatic and beautiful contrast for your home decor.

5) Relax in Contemporary Style

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The black and white in this room create a very clean and bold look allowing the auburn pillow, throw and art to bring in some warmth. The art shelf above the sofa is a unique way to display your favorite pieces.

6) Authentic Mood

kb homes

There is so much to see in this living room, yet still it gives a simplistic aura with the white vaulted ceiling. The red rug draped over the coffee table coordinating with the throw pillows and red lamp shades bring in a splash of color. While the picture above the couch captures the viewers intrigue and imagination, the guitar makes you imagine the sounds of it strumming while your thoughts are given freedom to roam.

7) Appealing Desk Top

kb homes

This is a work space that allows items to be easy to access, yet it still feels clean and pristine. The gold tones mixed with the red and pink flowers and the blue and white striped lamp make this desk so well rounded and appealing.

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