Contain the Clutter: 10 Ways to Decorate With Your Kitchen Tools

No one likes clutter in their workspace, but what can you do when you need all those tools that take up so much space? The kitchen is one space where tools need to be easily accessible. It’s always frustrating to be in the middle of dinner preparation, then realize you really need your garlic press, begin the search for it and realize that you have absolutely no idea which “catch all” drawer you put it in. This doesn’t have to happen to you. Here are 10 great ideas for organizing your tools and keeping the daily management of your kitchen workspace under control.

1. Glass Canisters

These glass jars, with a clean looking metal lid, can be used for food, small cooking items, or specific sets of kitchen tools (like cake decorating tips and bags). Get them in varying heights to add visual interest to your countertop. Your supplies will be in plain sight, but artistically contained.



2. Condiment and Utensil Caddy

This organizational tool has been in use for backyard picnics for years, but why keep your best organizer tucked away for most of the year? This handy tool keeps your spoons, knives, and forks right next to your commonly used, countertop condiments. The condiment area can also be used as a napkin holder.


3. Pot Rack

Having pots and pans right at your fingertips is essential to the home cook. This wall mounted pot rack lets you see your cookware while keeping it stylishly contained and out of the way when not in use. This version of the classic kitchen rack gives you a customizable grid and separate hools which allow you to arrange your pots just the way you like.



4. Penny Jars

These classic looking glass jars bring to mind an old-fashioned mercantile and the old-fashioned penny candy jars that lined the shelves behind the merchant’s counter. These jars can be filled with ingredients, your favorite candy, small cooking utensils, and anything that is small enough to be easily fit inside the conveniently tilted space.



5. Wall Mounted Tool Bar

This genius idea from the designers at IKEA keeps your supplies at hand, but lifted off the counter. If you have a small kitchen this would be particularly useful. With dish drainer, container, and magnetic strips available this storage method can accommodate items from sharp knifes to the plates you eat on.



6. Test Tube Spice Rack

Do you know anyone who views cooking as a scientific experiment? If you have an aspiring Alton Brown among your acquaintances, who seems more at home with a lab coat on rather than a chef’s hat, this might just be the perfect spice storage solution for them. This clever storage system allows you to keep your spices out in plain view, attached to the wall near where you cook, and creates an artistic element on your kitchen wall.



7. Fresh Herb Keeper

This container isn’t just efficient, it’s also beautiful. Home cooks who use fresh herbs know that their quality is improved by preserving them with a little water. Just like fresh cut flowers that thrive when being placed in water, this clever little tool creates a mini “greenhouse” to store your fresh herbs in. It can be placed on the countertop or in the refrigerator and will keep your herbs fresher, longer.



8. Bicycle Pizza Cutter

This countertop tool isn’t exactly a method for organizing lots of tools in one place, but it’s so clever and fun that it just has to be on this list. This is the perfect example of a tool disguised as art. With the happy yellow design and clever bicycle look, this pizza cutter will have your friends and family wanting pizza every other night; just so they can take this cutter out for a spin.



9. Kitchen Crocks

No matter what style they come in, brightly colored, vintage recycled, or primitive, chipped kraut containers, crockery pots are perfect for holding your cooking utensils. These classic pottery shapes are perfect for containing the tall spatulas, spoons, and scrapers that we use daily. They free up our drawer space for towels and are a wonderfully artistic way to corral the clutter.



10. Mason Jar Cutlery Holders

This method for organizing your everyday cutlery is both efficient and beautiful. Mason jars are easy to find and inexpensive, and they can give your kitchen a touch of simple beauty. This method would also work with terracotta garden pots, small crocks, old topless beer steins, and any tall container.


Take a look at your kitchen space today, where can you utilize some of these fun organizational elements? Give one of them a try for a fresh look and a clutter free workspace.

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