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Sleeping and TMJ

Do you suffer from TMJ (Temporalmandibular Joint Disorder)? The way you are sleeping may affect your pain. Here are a few tips to help you when you are sleeping on your Sleepys bed:

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Security Blankets, Snuggling and Sleep

Most people are familiar with Linus, Lucy’s younger, wiser brother, from the Peanuts comic strip. He’s a good-hearted child with a great love for his security blanket. He never goes anywhere without it and uses it almost like another limb. His older sister is in a constant battle to relieve him of the blanket and get him to grow up, but he clings to it tenaciously. Such reliance upon an item, that therapists call a “transitional item”, is very common in infants and toddlers and is, more surprisingly, an expert recommended way to provide self-solace during times of distress and pain. Getting a new comforter through Sleepy’s home delivery service could be more than just a stylish move, it could also be a therapeutic one.

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Ten Things to Count Instead of Sheep

Ever find yourself laying in bed…wide awake…staring at the ceiling…perfectly comfortable on your wonderful, new Sleepy’s mattress…and yet STILL not able to fall asleep? We’ve all counted sheep until our head is as full of sheep as the Australian outback, but to no avail.

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Sleeping Better: Warm Milk, Teddy Bears, and Blankies?

We’ve all heard the old remedy that drinking a glass of warm milk before bed will help induce restful sleep. Some of us may have even tried it. But if you’ve ever really struggled with insomnia, tossing and turning on your comfy Sleepy’s bed but still not falling asleep; you know that it isn’t really the miracle cure it’s cracked up to be.

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Improve Your Credit Score While You Sleep

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to improve your credit score? Money experts all agree that one of the best ways to improve your credit rating is to find a zero or low interest credit card that will allow you to make timely, monthly payments on necessary purchases. One option, like that offered by the Sleepy’s credit card, is to finance a new bed.

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Lavender May Be a Key to Sweet Dreams

We all like our homes to smell meadow fresh, but what if it turns out that the smell of lavender can lead not only to a fresh smelling room but to better sleep? According to a Wesleyan University sleep study, the fragrance of Lavender incorporated into a bedtime routine can improve sleep quality by up to 20%. Of course other factors play a huge role in quality sleep patterns; a comfy mattress from Sleepy’s store, a bedtime routine that allows your mind to relax, white noise and other comfort sounds, but scent shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Sleeping Better This Winter

Around one-fifth of American state they get less than six hours on average of sleep. The cold winter months can make falling asleep particularly challenging. A new mattress using a Sleepy’s credit card is one way to improve your sleep. Experts in the area of sleep health recommend the following solutions to the troubles of Winter sleeping:

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Is Your Sleep a Healthy Sleep?

girl lying on the grass

We all know that one of the most essential elements to our health is our sleep. How do you know if your sleep habits are healthy ones? Sleepys strives to support healthy sleep with a wide range of mattress choices to suit your taste and need. Taking time to consider a excellent-quality mattress is an investment into your goal for healthy sleep!

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Is Your Sleep Position a Pain in Your Back?

old woman suffering from back pain

Back pain can make it very difficult to get a good nights rest. Here are some excellent tips on how to relieve some back pain by changing your sleeping positions on your Sleepy’s bed.

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Make a Professional Looking Bed

Sleepys Store

Who doesn’t remember old war movies with a Military Sargent pacing up and down the bunk rows making every soldier nervous at the thought bunk inspection? Every Soldier is breaking into a cold sweat wondering if his bunk will be the one “Sarg” bounces the age old quarter off of.

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