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Great Fishing at Tampa Bay


There may be lots of reasons for moving to the beautiful west coast of Florida and buying one of the new KB homes in Tampa Fl, but for avid fishermen there’s just one reason: that beautiful bay.

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Out of This World Fun in Houston, Texas


Are you looking for something fun to do in Texas? Are your kids home from school and looking for something to do? As wonderful as your new kb homes in Houston might be, it’s still fun and exciting to get out and about with your family. Here are some seriously out of this world activities that will have your kids smiling and having fun.

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Summer Toddler Entertainment


The summer is just starting, older children are getting out of school, family reunions and vacations are looming large on the horizon, and so are endless afternoons of the littlest members of the family feeling bored and maybe a little left out of all those extracurricular activities. Your daily life will be different and the youngest members of a family can sometimes struggle with the change in schedule. Here are a few ideas to keep little hands and minds engaged in the hot days to come..

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Re-Claiming the Lost Art of Letter Writing


Human beings are communicating all the time. We speak to each other about the weather, family events, the latest hometown daily news, and world events. We login to our social media accounts and post, tweet, and share our most recent political irritations, media meanderings, or family pictures. Communication abounds with cell phones in our pockets ringing and connecting us to our friends and business associates no matter where we are; from the grocery store to the gym, or our afternoon walk. But in all the flow of words that wash over us on a daily basis we are often denied one of the greatest pleasure known to humankind: receiving a letter from a friend.

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Journaling: The Key to Boosting Your Emotional and Intellectual Quotient


Journal keeping is often considered the activity of old, bespectacled professors writing down their ages of wisdom for future generations in dusty, leather bound books or the evening habit of young, giggling schoolgirls, writing their wishful love lives in heart and flower strewn notebooks. But writing our thoughts, rather than just saying them, is actually a powerful tool. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to improve your business influence, a mom looking for a way to improve her parenting, or a college student hoping to increase knowledge, keeping a journal could be the daily life habit that becomes the key to your success.

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