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Is Your Tampa Home Pageant Ready?

KB homes Tampa

Selling KB Homes in Tampa is easy when you look at the selling process like a competition in a beauty pageant. Though your home may only be competing against others the state for Miss Florida, selling a home has many of the same elements and stresses of a pageant.

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5 Tricks to Save You from a Disorganized Garage

KB homes San Antonio

It is very easy for the place that is meant to protect and secure our vehicles to become, over time, the family garbage pit. Of course, we don’t mean to turn the garages of our San Antonio KB homes into hoarding hotels. But the fact remains that in order to have a clean and organized garage, a bit of effort must be put into it. Here are 5 extremely simple tricks that are certain to help you achieve the desired order that you want from your garage.

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Declutter Your Daily Life By Eliminating 8 Items From Your Kitchen

daily life

It’s amazing how cluttered our kitchens can become. From small appliances taking up space, to decorations and the dirty dishes that stack up, it’s easy to see how a kitchen could become overly cluttered. The team at suggests decluttering your daily life in the kitchen by ditching 8 small appliances to maximize your kitchen counter space.

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The Psychology Behind Cleaning Your Home

daily life

Do you lack motivation to get things done at your home? Or is cleaning on your to-do list, but during the course of your busy daily life, gets pushed off til the next day, then the next day and eventually feels overwhelming because there is so much to do?

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Make Your Accent Wall Become The Right Focal Point

new homes Denver

Having an accent wall is a fantastic way to create depth and interest to your new home in Denver. The accent wall is one of the best ways to make the space yours and unique to you. But, accenting the wrong wall can be just as bad. To make sure you do it right, here are some tips to get that picture perfect wall.

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Mosquito Dates: Dodging the Undesirable

hometown daily news

Welcome to summer. In today’s hometown daily news the sun is out and the bugs are too. For some lucky ducks out there, this isn’t much of a concern; insects, such as mosquitos, aren’t really drawn to them. However, for those who consider themselves mosquito-licious, this is a very unfortunate time of the year. What do you do when you don’t want to be locked up in your home on a perfect summer night? Try out these tricks to give mosquito bugs the slip.

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Steps to Getting Organized When Selling Your Home

new homes Tampa

Getting ready to put your home on the market can be a big hassle when trying to get your in tip top shape. How do you go about getting your home organized while in the midst of all the chaos? With these helpful hints it will help you sell your home and finally be able to get that new dream home in Tampa.

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A neighborhood in transition is fertile ground for experimentation

Evita Cafe Terra Brazilis

By Michael Stabile

A neighborhood in transition is fertile ground for experimentation. The rapidly gentrifying Hayes Valley, with its constructive pastiche of freeway offramp, newly erected picket fence low income housing, lustrous view of the refurbished City Hall dome and proximity to the high culture temples of opera and symphony, has proved not only experimental in its consumerist melange of magick shoppes, upscale boutiques and trip hopping wine bars, but almost haphazard in its formation of a definitive flavor.

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Bugs, Bugs, Go Away

KB Tampa quality

Have you ever been flustered after finding ants have invaded an area of your home? What do you do when the flies want to become your roommates? Nobody really wants to share a home with these bugs. Let’s go over some ways to help deal with these different pests. Next time choose a KB Tampa quality home so you don’t have this issue.

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Baby Sleep Myths: Busted

New parents often experience extended periods of sleep deprivation after bringing home a new baby. The first few weeks are a free for all as you figure out baby, and fall into a pattern. Once you are ready to shift into an official bedtime routine, first check out a sleepy’s store to find the perfect crib mattress and bedding solutions, then familiarize yourself with these sleep myths and how to bust them.

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