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5 Unlikely Essentials for Your Home Gym


New Year resolutions have been made and whether or not you joined the millions of Americans who have committed to less sugar, more exercise, and 20 lost pounds this year, committing to making exercise a part of your daily schedule is important. You probably have a favorite piece of equipment, a stationary bike, treadmill, or weight lifting set. You may even have more than one piece. If you’ve managed to make an extra bedroom or corner of the garage into your home gym here are a few extra items you should also include.

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Creating a House of Light


An essential element for showing off the beauty of your new kbhomes is interior lighting. Understanding the different kinds of lighting available to a homeowner, and using them to their best effect, can bring attention to the beauty of a home and its interior, create more harmonious living spaces, and improve quality of life. Light plays a significant role in the happiness of human beings. In areas where natural light is diminished during part of the year there are higher rates of seasonal depression and disgruntlement. With proper lighting, you can mitigate this effect and bring warmth back into your home.

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Thoughts for Your Thanksgiving


Here are just a few of our favorite sayings about Thanksgiving. These daily life quotes are a good reminder of the gratitude that guides this day.

#1 A Thanksgiving Prayer

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Filling Your Home with Fragrance


Coming home at the end of the day is an experience most people look forward to. Opening your front door and having a pleasant fragrance greet you makes it even better. If you want to get your daily fix of fresh baked cookie or coconut lime punch fragrance into the air of your home, read on.

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Top Secret Storage Solutions


Are you getting ready to roll up your sleeves and do some serious Fall cleaning? Are you searching for ways to make your daily life less cluttered while finding storage for all of the extra blankets, toys, and clothes you don’t have room for but don’t want to get rid of? Everyone wants to organize and declutter their space, but sometimes, in spite of our best efforts and the small fortune we spend on closet organizers and containers, there’s still those items that we want to keep, but don’t have a place for. Here are some top secret storage ideas that do double duty in the home: act as furniture and hide your clutter.

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5 Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home


There are lots of personal reasons you might have for purchasing one the new and beautiful kb home builders’ homes; location, quality, and beauty. But there are a few reasons that are universal to every home buyer out there. Buying a new home is just a good idea and here are some reasons that will have you feeling good about your decision to purchase new.

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It’s All About the Avocado


The area might be named for a certain, sun-colored citrus fruit, but the favorite fruit in many homes in Orange County, California is the mighty green wonder food: the avocado. From savory dishes to sweet treats, this little green, nutrition rich machine has been finding its way into delicious recipes in the kitchens of the amazing cooks in the Palo Alto at Stonegate community and beyond. Here are a few favorites that will have you thinking about planting an avocado tree in your own backyard.

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Breakfast For Champions


Making sure you get a good start to your day is important, and one of the best ways to do this is by getting a good breakfast. Living in a kb homes in Austin, it’s time to start a good morning routine. Here are some great suggestions to put on the morning menu:

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Contain the Clutter: 10 Ways to Decorate With Your Kitchen Tools


No one likes clutter in their workspace, but what can you do when you need all those tools that take up so much space? The kitchen is one space where tools need to be easily accessible. It’s always frustrating to be in the middle of dinner preparation, then realize you really need your garlic press, begin the search for it and realize that you have absolutely no idea which “catch all” drawer you put it in. This doesn’t have to happen to you. Here are 10 great ideas for organizing your tools and keeping the daily management of your kitchen workspace under control.

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Updated Garage Flooring Options


In your KB Tampa construction home there are some really great DIY garage flooring options available. Of course, if you are not a do-it-yourselfer then you can always hire it out. Garage flooring gets pretty gross over the years. If you vehicle has an oil leak then your floor may look worse for the wear than you desire. In our 21st century living garages are not just places to store junk and park your car anymore. Your garage can be just as comfortable as the rest of your home.

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