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Storing Your Children’s Art


One of the blessings of parenthood is being the recipient of so many thoughtful gifts. Children are known to bring you special rocks from the driveway, beautiful leaves from the walkway, and curious bugs from the backyard. All of them so magical and magnificent that they just have to share them with you. Those things usually find their way back out to the natural world or into the trash bin while your little one is looking the other way. But there’s something else they give you, that they definitely notice when it gets tossed: their artwork. Here are a few daily fix ideas to help you store all of those one-of-a-kind masterpieces that you (or they) just can’t seem to get rid of.

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Designing a Mobility Friendly Home


If you are looking to build a lifelong dream home, one that is grandchild friendly as well as wheelchair accessible, kb homes are the builders for you. With customization and personalized design options available in every step of the building process, you are at the helm of creating the lifestyle you want and need in your life today and looking forward towards a comfortable and beautiful retirement.

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Contain the Clutter: 10 Ways to Decorate With Your Kitchen Tools


No one likes clutter in their workspace, but what can you do when you need all those tools that take up so much space? The kitchen is one space where tools need to be easily accessible. It’s always frustrating to be in the middle of dinner preparation, then realize you really need your garlic press, begin the search for it and realize that you have absolutely no idea which “catch all” drawer you put it in. This doesn’t have to happen to you. Here are 10 great ideas for organizing your tools and keeping the daily management of your kitchen workspace under control.

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New Home Bathroom Organization Ideas: Save Time AND Money


One of the best elements of the new kb homes are the generous sized bathrooms. But even a big, beautiful bathroom can become cluttered without a little bit of planning and organizing. So many mornings we’re running late, in a hurry to get dressed and ready for the day, and tidying up our space is the last thing on our list. But with these tips and tricks you’ll have bathroom organization down and save yourself money too. How many times have you purchased a duplicate pair of scissors or tweezers because you couldn’t find the pair you bought just last month? Do yourself a favor and give these tips a try.

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Household Chore Headache Removal


Everyone who owns a home or lives in a home is, of necessity, a housekeeper. The daily management of a home is what allows us to enjoy our space. Some people seem to be naturally good at household chores. It’s like they have a to-do list hardwired in their brain and they always seem to know when and how to tidy up. For the rest of us though, managing the household chores requires a little more planning. If you throw a spouse and kids into the mix it starts to get even more complicated.

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Spring is in the Air, Time to Clean


Maybe we have all had too long of a winter this year? Those cold and dark winter months are a time for snuggling and hot cocoa. Usually the thought of cleaning out your garage is the last thing on your mind as you are shoveling snow and bundling up to keep warm. Spring has sprung and it is time to wake up the little voice in your head that tells you to clean out some stuff! Your Denver homes need a touch of OCD and some purging, you know they do.

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Life Hacks To Create the Ultimate Daily Routine


Making the most out of each day will be determined by what your daily schedule is and what habits you have formed to make things happen automatically and efficiently. Here are some tips on how to create a routine that will help you manage your time effectively and give you a better outcomes because things will happen with ease:

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9 Ways to Save Time in Your Life


Time is precious to all of us. We often spend oodles of time in our daily schedule that we do not get paid for doing things we could be more efficient at. As we get older there never seems to be enough time in a day to get things done. While we cannot make more time in the universe we can implement sometimes saving techniques and perhaps feel like we do have more of what we all long for…TIME.

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