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Five To-Do’s For your Home Exterior in March

With the official first day of spring being March 20th, there’s a long checklist of things to get done. As the snow begins to melt away, Denver homes need tune ups for springtime. Simplify your life and use this short to do list to ensure the exterior of your house is prepped for nicer weather with a bit of spring cleaning, fresh flowers and dirt under your nails.

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Creating a House of Light

An essential element for showing off the beauty of your new kbhomes is interior lighting. Understanding the different kinds of lighting available to a homeowner, and using them to their best effect, can bring attention to the beauty of a home and its interior, create more harmonious living spaces, and improve quality of life. Light plays a significant role in the happiness of human beings. In areas where natural light is diminished during part of the year there are higher rates of seasonal depression and disgruntlement. With proper lighting, you can mitigate this effect and bring warmth back into your home.

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