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How To Get Some Sleep While Flying

Tips For Sleeping On Planes

You may have experienced this many times:  You are heading off on a flight with little sleep and an important meeting or even to get to. You really need to catch some sleep. Even if you’re on a large flight, it’s not like the cab is a mattress warehouse for you to stretch out and get a power nap. (see here for help with that). With noisy children, plugged ears, and the bustle of the flight attendants – it may seem less likely that you can catch a rest.  There are some things that can help, though. Below are ten great tips to help you grab some sleep while in flight.

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10 Allergy Remedies You Can Make At Home

Tis the season for allergies.  This itchy eyes, tickly nose, and disturbed breathing that we all just love, right?  Not.  Here are some simple remedies you can get your daily fix with and help combat those allergies.

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Good Music to Fall Asleep To

Calming Music: 5 Top Songs Drift Off Asleep To

When a warm glass of milk and counting sheep doesn’t seem to do the trick, many who struggle with sleep turn to music. Studies have shown that listening to soft, relaxing music about 45 minutes before hitting the hay will not only help lull you to sleep but stay asleep, too. Calming tunes with a tempo of about 60 beats per minute are ideal and are known to slow down listeners’ heartbeats to sleep zone levels. Together with a new comfy mattress from your nearest Sleepys Store location (, the following songs will have you well on your way to getting some much-deserved Z’s in no time.

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Best Tips for Keeping Your Oriental Rug Pristine

4 Great Tips for Keeping Your Oriental Rug Pristine

There is no argument about the beauty of an Oriental rug. Vibrant colors, beautiful patterns and designs have made these desirable pieces to have or receive. Oh no, what is that spot! Is that smell coming from my rug? Enjoying life with these rugs means that things happen. There are, however, ways to keep that rug looking pristine.

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Be sure to clean your Oriental Rugs Correctly

Caring for Oriental Rugs

The oriental rugs in Milwaukee are beautiful and, with proper care, can last for ages. For some people, the fear of ruining their rug leads them to ignore maintenance to the point where small dust storms are kicked up when anyone walks across it. If your precious oriental rug’s design is so dim you can’t remember what it is, you need to take action.

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How to use your Area Rugs

There are many ways in which you can use an area rug for your home or office. You may see some basic uses in magazines, but you must keep in mind that there are several different ways of laying out your rug which depends on the size of the room and the type of furniture you have.

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