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Startling Health Benefits of a Good Sleep

We all want a good night’s sleep, yet it may be way more imperative than just wanting it. The benefits in our health from 8 or more hours of restful slumber per night may just warrant an online mattress purchase! From less stress and more energy, there are even more surprising benefits we could learn from the mattress academy. We found these 11 startling advantages to quality sleep from

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Driving Drowsy: Risks and Prevention

We’ve all done it one time or another; gotten behind the wheel when we are extremely tired. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like we have a choice in a certain situation. It’s estimated that more than 1/3 of driving American’s have actually nodded off at the wheel. Many folks have admitted that they nearly crashed or did have an accident because of dozing off when driving.

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Getting Help For Sleep Apnea Could Save Your Life

If you have a hard time get a restful sleep or find yourself tired during the day you may be suffering from sleep apnea. There is no Sleepys Warranty  that covers this disorder, you simply do not get the deep REM sleep that your body needs. And that really takes its toll over time. If not treated, you could end up with a whole slew more health risks than you bargained for. According to Sleep, you are more likely to pass away in the long term if you do not address this issue. Life is too short and too precious to ignore warnings like this.

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Biology of Kindness

Did you that being nice to other people can actually help you live a longer and happier life? It’s true! This article tells of an incredible study that found how people who thought more compassionately about others had lower risks for cardiovascular disease. They also discovered that this kind group of people had improved their immune responses and glucose levels. Learn how it was possible in this daily fix article.

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Your Sleep Position Can Affect Your Mood

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Did you know that your health and your mood can have a lot to do with how you sleep?  How you sleep does not have so much to do with your mattress dimensions but more to do with the position you snooze in and quality of sleep you obtain. While there are 6 more common positions of sleep, most of us curl up in the fetal position. Yet whatever position you sleep in, if it’s not a good one,  you will most likely wake up in not a good mood.

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These Foods Can Help You Sleep Better

Besides having a new top-rated Sleepy’s mattress, what you eat during the day and especially before bed can help you get a better night’s sleep.  Take a look at these ten foods that can assist you in getting more Zzzz’s.

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Sleep Apnea Implant Much Easier Than Wearing CPAP Mask

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 (Photo: Inspire Medical Systems via AP)

If you suffer from sleep apnea and have a hard time keeping your CPAP mask on, you’re not alone.  About half of all CPAP users do not find it as successful to use.  There is another option available, besides a sleeping beauty mattress, you can now get a small implant that can help open your airways and prevent your sleep apnea.  This is exciting news for many sleep deprived apnea sufferers.

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Sleep Inertia: How Does it Affect the Way You Feel in the Morning?

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Do I Have Inertia and How Does it Affect the Way I Feel?

If you wake up in the morning feeling creaky of limb, foggy of mind and generally like you have hardly slept at all, you might have abnormal sleep inertia.

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What’s the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain?

Sleepys Return PolicyGetting the best mattress is now easier than ever before. Modern technology has enabled engineers to design mattresses which can provide the proper support for people with all manner of back problems. Plus the mattresses are incredibly comfortable. There are mattresses which allow for people to adjust the firmness to suit their needs. The mattresses are also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. What are truly surprising are the prices. Just about anyone can afford the mattress of their dreams if they choose the right store.

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If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth, What Will Happen?

Dentist Grantsville

If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth, What Will Happen?

No one wants bad breath. No one wants their teeth falling out.

Those are just a few of the things that will happen if you do not brush your teeth.

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