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Spring Cleaning for Green Living in Las Vegas or Anywhere

Do you have all kinds of stuff crammed in your closets and garages? Are all those items increasing the value of your life?

Green living is not just about new technology. Yes, we want newer, more efficient appliances – like those in one of the new KB Homes Las Vegas Buffalo Community (See story here), the latest in solar panels, the most efficient cars and so forth.

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Children Do In Fact Experience Sleeping Disorders

Children having sleeping disorders are more common than not these days with around 25-40% of children and teens having some form or type of sleeping disorder. Just getting some shut eye for yourself when dealing with your children’s sleeping disorder can put a strain on everyone. Having the proper bedding such as a Sleepys mattress will help some, but what other things can be done to help your child get the sleep they need? Let look more in depth on what can cause or trigger these sleep disorders and how they affect your child’s well being and health in general.

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How to Get Rest When You’re Feeling Sick

It’s still cold and flu season and nobody likes having their daily routine interrupted by a runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, nausea and fatigue. However, when you get it, you get it and you need to take care of yourself so that you can feel better and be back on your feet as soon as possible. Most doctors say that getting enough fluids and sleep is the best way to fight a cold and the flu. Easier said than done, Doc. No matter how much your body craves a good sleep on your King Koil mattress, when you’re feeling congested it can be very difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep. What can you do to breathe easy and sleep happy while you’re sick? Try the following ideas below.

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Handling Daylight Savings With Young Kids

This coming Sunday is Daylight Savings, the time of year when we move our clocks forward and by so doing we temporarily lost an hour. There is less time to sleep comfortably on your Sleepys mattress ( But at the same time, it is an hour to allow more daylight hours. It’s a fair concept, but when you have small kids that are on a routine, how do you get their bodies to adjust and still keep the routine going?

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How To Reclaim Your Rest When Anxiety Strikes At Night

Having a panic attack in the middle of the night is not a very fun experience to have. Waking up in a cold hard sweat or not being able to sleep at all can really ruin that restful night’s sleep you can only dream about literally. How can you change your anxiety at night so that you can get back to sleeping and not trying to make time go faster by counting sheep?

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8 Best Skincare Tips For Prom Prep!

daily management

For the most flawless application of makeup, healthy skin is key. A perfect look for prom requires an extremely delicate layer of foundation. Get your skin prepared early for prom with these 8 daily management tips.

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3 Steps to Prepare Your Mind and Body for Exercise

Daily Schedule

We all know that exercising our bodies is really good for us. It makes us feel good and helps us to live longer, healthier lives. The one problem is that for some of us the task of exercising everyday feels like a chore and we struggle to maintain a workout routine in our daily schedule. This article gives three terrific tips on how to get yourself motivated for regular daily exercise. Learn how to set up a super easy pre-workout for yourself that gradually forms into actual movement that prepares your mind and body for a full workout.

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What to Eat When You’re In A Hurry

No matter what time of the year it is, many of us fill our daily life schedules with constant busyness and activity. Running here and there to work, to school, to sporting events and to holiday festivities, there’s no stopping the craziness. On top of all the places we have to get to on time, how are we supposed to think about eating healthy regular meals? Well, here are some excellent tips to help you maintain a healthy dietary lifestyle despite the shortness of time. Enjoy!

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Smartphones May Actually Increase Stress, Lack of Sleep…

It may be time to switch to an old style alarm clock and put that smartphone in the other room at night. Perhaps that sounds difficult with your busy life, but your physical and mental health may depend on it. Not to mention getting a truly good night’s rest on your Sleepy’s mattress without the anxiety of checking all that your smartphone can share with you.

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How Camping Improves Your Sleep Health

There are numerous philosophies about improving quality of sleep such as pills you can take, music you can listen to or muscle stretches you can do before bed. Next to a new mattress you can have delivered to you through Sleepys shipping, taking a small camping trip is one of the most natural ways to regain good sleeping habits. Whether you have a sleeping disorder or you just feel really tired every now and again, try out this camping thing for about a week. While you are living in the great outdoors, even for a short amount of time, your body automatically readjusts itself to the schedule of the sun. Meaning, when the sun sets you feel tired and want to go to sleep and when the sun rises you feel rejuvenated and ready to begin the day. In this article we learn why our bodies respond to the sun this way and how there are other healthy benefits to camping out.

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