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Sleeping Better: Warm Milk, Teddy Bears, and Blankies?

We’ve all heard the old remedy that drinking a glass of warm milk before bed will help induce restful sleep. Some of us may have even tried it. But if you’ve ever really struggled with insomnia, tossing and turning on your comfy Sleepy’s bed but still not falling asleep; you know that it isn’t really the miracle cure it’s cracked up to be.

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Why Exercise?

Exercise does not have to daunting or looming over your head like a bad hair day. It can be fun and bring with it a ton of health and daily life benefits.

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The Kaleidoscope and Kids: How Color Can Affect Your Children

Have you been staring at the walls of your child’s room, searching the internet for decor ideas, and wracking your brain to try and pull together a living space that inspires creativity, intelligence, and happiness? Before you buy that paint, pick out carpet, or have your local Sleepy’s delivery truck arrive with the perfect new bedroom set and bedding, consider how color affects the mood and behavior of Children.

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Lavender May Be a Key to Sweet Dreams

We all like our homes to smell meadow fresh, but what if it turns out that the smell of lavender can lead not only to a fresh smelling room but to better sleep? According to a Wesleyan University sleep study, the fragrance of Lavender incorporated into a bedtime routine can improve sleep quality by up to 20%. Of course other factors play a huge role in quality sleep patterns; a comfy mattress from Sleepy’s store, a bedtime routine that allows your mind to relax, white noise and other comfort sounds, but scent shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Top 5 New Year Resolutions

Every year we strain to think about what we are going to change each year. We make and break resolutions but sometimes we actually keep them. Making realistic resolutions makes it easier to keep them, just ask your KB Home Builders in Tampa. Whenever you establish a good goal and accomplish it the feeling is tremendous.

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30 Seconds to Sound Sleeping

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep? Is your mind running through thought after thought, various problems and concerns still running on the hamster wheel well after your bed time? Or perhaps when bed time rolls around you simply not tired yet. Of course, sometimes it’s just the need for a super comfy Sleepy’s mattress to do the trick.

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Want To Be Inspired?

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from great quotes of times past. If you are able to look to those who have lived through difficult experiences you can gain great strength. Here are twenty memorable daily life quotes that you can implement into your life to give you the boost you need to achieve your dreams:

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People Who Inspire Us: A Story From the Burn Center at Maricopa Medical Center

Maricopa, Arizona is a special place to live check out the Maricopa homes for sale. You and your family will be in good hands with the superior medical care available in Maricopa.

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Sleeping Better This Winter

Around one-fifth of American state they get less than six hours on average of sleep. The cold winter months can make falling asleep particularly challenging. A new mattress using a Sleepy’s credit card is one way to improve your sleep. Experts in the area of sleep health recommend the following solutions to the troubles of Winter sleeping:

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5 Steps to Perfect Your Daily Schedule

Creating a daily schedule that is inspiring, productive, and realistic should be your goal. Here are some ways to improve your current daily schedule.