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10 Sure Fire Wins for Job Interviewing


You are preparing to move on with your life and setting up interviews for your future employment opportunities as part of your daily management routine. What will help you achieve success in this department? There are some key things to prepare for and to remember when you are facing professional interviews. You can do this and “break a leg” as they say in show biz.

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What You Can Learn From Moving To A City Where You Don’t Know Anyone


If you are an adventurous type than moving to a brand new city where you don’t know a soul might sound romantic and exciting. Others might find this a frightening thought, only to realize that it is just the type of move they need to get out of a rut. What are the advantages to moving somewhere that it is new and exciting and holds no attachments? Here are a few reasons you should consider it:

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Three Great Valentine’s Day Dinners


There’s so much to talk about with Valentine’s dinners- place settings, dine in vs dine out, romantic environments, which dinners are most popular or best- we could go on forever. So we’re just going to do a small slice: Three ideas for three great dinners. Mix and match as you please.

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What Your Brain Can Absorb When You Snooze


Your brain is a magnificent absorber of intelligence. It’s true. Not only can it learn at school, work and home; your brain can learn while you are sleeping.

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Need a Job? These Clever Clues Will Help You Get It!

What every job candidate should knowWhether job hunting on your own, or going through executive search firms, some basic principles about the hiring process are the same. If you want real success, there are three words that, if put into practice, could yield those three other magical words: YOU ARE HIRED.

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3 Things the Boss Shouldn’t Ask of Employees

What bosses should never ask employees to doAs an executive, you’re expected to make better choices, more often, for the firm you work for. Part of your value is your experience, skill and training. But you’re also human, which means you might make the occasional mistake. In your search to be a better boss, remember that because you have greater power, you also have a greater responsibility to those who work for you to be conscious of how your decisions affect them. Here are some of the things that a boss should never ask their employees to do.

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Principles to Empower your Employees

HR Executive

There is a lot of chatter in the business press these days about ways to empower your employees. However, it can be hard to pin down just what that means. Every company is different, which means they have different kinds of employees with different types of business culture. Still, there are a few broad concepts that every HR executive can find useful in devising an empowerment plan to match their specific company.

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Focused on Leading Senior Level Professional Services

Neela Seenandan

Neela Seenandan and Harold Associates Can Help You Find The HR Professional You Need

Fining HR executives can be a very challenging experience. Many companies find that accomplishing this task on their own can lead to results that are less than favorable. In order to combat this many companies are turning to third parties in order to help them satisfy their HR needs. Third parties have varying degrees of success but the best of the bunch is undoubtedly Harold Associates. This is a firm that specializes in finding HR executives at lightning speed. Neela Seenandan is the Co-Managing Partner of this firm and is known for her wit, her intelligence and her ability to find exactly what clients need in record time.

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The Highest Paid Human Resource Leaders Do Differently

Executive Search

HR Executive Search Firms

When considering an individual for a new position at a job, many managers or bosses will pick out traits and characteristics that make them a good candidate for the position. In the human resource industry, much of this is the same. The highest paid human resource leaders and executives are individuals that are seen to go beyond the average talent in the HR industry. The major problem in finding talented individuals to fill these positions is that they rarely walk up to the front door of a corporation with their portfolio in hand.

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Keep Your Company Growing

Executive Search Firms

Keep Your Company Growing

Keeping your company growing is an essential part of staying competitive in a world where many companies fail. While there are several aspects to successfully growing your company, perhaps the most important aspect that cannot be overlooked is to hire the best people and keep them motivated in such a way that they are constantly inspired to promote your company.

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